Learn a Quick & Easy House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

Learn a Quick & Easy House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms
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Creating a house cleaning schedule for working moms can be so overwhelming that moms give up and settle for clutter, mess and chaos. It can be more difficult to tackle then dealing with irate customers, complex job functions and finicky supervisors. If not being able to keep up with your household chores is your dirty little secret, try the following guidelines for an easy to manage house cleaning schedule:

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One Day Only

You cannot do everything in one day. It is a hard truth to accept if you are a perfectionist, but it is also an excuse for not cleaning house if you are a procrastinator. No matter what your personality and weaknesses, you must try to take a portion of one day a week to complete all of your major cleaning chores. The best day is one where you work the least number of hours if any, and after you have met your income goals for the week if you are a work-at-home mom. Here are some examples of chores to schedule on that day:

  • Mopping
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Wiping the refrigerator
  • Dusting

Saturdays make the most sense for many moms, but you have to do what works best for you when it comes to house cleaning schedules for working mothers. For example, if you want to spend your daytime hours on family and other responsibilities, then your major cleaning day might actually be a cleaning night after you put your children to bed.

Daily Pick Up

One day set aside for major cleaning will only work if you do light cleaning throughout the week. You can call it your daily pick up. You should assign each room 15 minutes of your time every day to organize, spot clean, throw away trash, sweep, vacuum and do whatever else you need to do to make the room look neat. The trick is to discipline yourself to stop after 15 minutes of work. You will have to prioritize what mess is necessary for you to deal with right then and there, and what can wait until the next day or for your major cleaning day.

Paper Organization

Taming paper must be included in any discussion about house cleaning schedules for working mothers. Dealing with paper on a daily basis is painful for many. Not only do you have to sort and organize papers related to work, but also your family’s mail and other paperwork. The best way to handle the paper issue is in small bites. Set aside 10 minutes every day just to manage the paper flow in your life. You can use that time to:

  • Put paperwork in files, envelopes or another organizational system
  • Shred paper that contains confidential information, and must be thrown away
  • Sort paper into piles, such as “do today” or “do on the 1st of the month”

Try not to let paperwork pile up too much, but at the same time hold yourself accountable to 10 minutes of organization each day.

House cleaning schedules for working moms are not all equal. These guidelines may not work for you at all or as-is. Use your creativity and make changes that fit your lifestyle. The point is to try something to bring order to the chaos that may be hidden behind your closed doors.


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