What Are Some Job Options for People 50+?

What Are Some Job Options for People 50+?
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Unemployment can affect everyone no matter what their age, and yet there are great job options for people 50+. Perhaps you’re not facing unemployment, but could use a job or career change. If you think your age somehow limits your options and that you can’t compete with a younger workforce, think again. There are some jobs where employers will see your age as a valued asset. Here are four of them to consider:

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Job #1 – Financial Adviser

The fact that you are older makes a difference when you are sitting across from a young couple discussing their financial plans or on the telephone with a small business owner who wants to advice on how to best manage their business finances. Whether or not it is legitimate, being age 50 or over does lend credibility when you are giving advice as a financial adviser. It can even give you a competitive age over a younger adviser, whose clients may have doubts about his ability to give solid advice. If you enjoy improving the lives of others then a financial adviser is one of the best job options for people 50+.

Job #2 – Entrepreneur

The best job is one that you create. If you have always enjoyed the idea of pursuing your passions, setting your own hours and delivering the products and services that matter to you, then consider becoming an entrepreneur. You will actually have many jobs and roles to fulfill in the beginning years, which can provide you with the mental and physical challenge you have been longing for. There are ways to structure your business so that you can derive an income almost immediately after opening. You may have to work as a freelancer for some time to have a somewhat steady flow of income. Then, you can transition into your business full time when you are able to generate the sales you need each month.

Job #3 – Coach

If you are exploring job options for people 50+ where you can help others achieve success like you, then becoming a coach may be the perfect job waiting for you. Coaches help their clients accomplish goals and thrive in the areas they want by providing guidance and encouragement. You can be that for others given your life and work experiences. You do not have to open your own coaching practice to work with clients. Look for job opportunities with established coaches and coaching firms.

Job #4 – Copywriter

You can leverage your sales experience in a career as a copywriter. Anyone with a message, brand, product or business to promote could use the help of a copywriter to craft persuasive words that will cause readers to respond to a call to action. If you enjoy writing but lack the skills needed to become a copywriter, sign up courses with reputable companies or writers. You can work for writing service companies, marketing and advertising agencies, or for yourself as a copywriter.

Don’t be discouraged if the job options for people 50+ looks bleak due to a bad economy. There are still opportunities out there, and you can be proactive and create a job for yourself.


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