Find Out How to Know if a Job Interview Went Well

Find Out How to Know if a Job Interview Went Well
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Nervous about the interview you just had? You are not alone. There are thousands out there waiting for the interviewer’s call. Do you want to know outright if the interview was in your favor? Prolonging the agony of waiting for the results is just crazy isn’t it? Know the sure signs of a great interview and decide for yourself if you have won over your interviewer. Read here on how to know if a job interview went well to help you determine your chances of getting hired for that dream job.

Many applicants stress themselves too much after the interview by recalling all the wrong answers they gave. Instead of remembering those negative things, think about the many things you did right which could actually be cues that you are about to be hired. Here are the signs that you’ve somehow impressed your interviewer. Were these questions asked to you?

1. “How long will it take you to move from your current workplace to assume the new role?” Often, when an interviewer asks for your availability to fill-in the position, she is interested in hiring you. She just wants to make sure that you are available by the time the company needs you.

2. “What is your expected salary?” If you have no chance to be hired, the interviewer will definitely not waste her time asking you how much your expected salary is. This is just her way to decide whether or not the new company could afford your rates.

3. “Are there items that you want to clarify/know about the company?” If the interviewer spends time answering your questions, she is somehow briefing you on your future job. She will not entertain questions if she knows that you are not fit for the position. If the interviewer responds to your questions, she wants you to see the bigger picture of the company you will be involved in.

4. “Please come by tomorrow and meet the team.” This is just like saying “I want you to meet the people you will be working with.” Some companies are particular on “cultural fit.” They will introduce you to the team to gather feedback from other employees. So, if you show up calm, assertive yet friendly, you may indeed get hired for the job!

Forget the Job, It’s Not For You

Sometimes, things just don’t happen the way we like. There are moments when we can be very nervous and stumble on words that make us look not as smart as what we want to project. Here are the cues to know when it is high time to forget the job, move on, and apply for another job.


1. “We will try to call you back next week for any vacancy…” (but they never did). Don’t waste your time waiting. That is just the interviewer’s more polite way of saying, “We don’t need you here.” Most companies don’t actually call back to say that you are rejected. Consider yourself lucky if you received a generic rejection letter.

2. “Where did you work?” (and repeats the same question after a few minutes). This means that the interviewer is not paying much attention to you and doesn’t really care what you say. This kind of interview usually finishes earlier than scheduled.

3. “Thanks for your time” (then shakes your hand coldly with no eye contact). This is a bad interview sign. This means that the interviewer is not interested in you. During your interview, did she spend more time looking at her iPhone than you? If your answer is yes, forget the job.

Now that you’ve learned the cues on how to know if a job interview went well, decide–are you in or out? Always remember, life goes on and there are lots of other jobs out there looking for someone exactly like you!

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