What's Included in a Security Guard Job Description?

What's Included in a Security Guard Job Description?
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What Do Security Guards Do?

Security Guards all have the same basic duty which is to protect people and/or property from dangers such as fire, theft and violence. Security guards may work alone with or with others. They may work a variety of capacities such as banks, businesses, residence areas, museums, night clubs or hospitals. This article will explore security guard job descriptions.

Duties of Security Guards

Duties vary for security guards depending on who they are employed by. Security guards at a bank may be stationed physically in the actual bank to protect the employees, customers and money. They may also be stationed in an enclosed area monitoring activities in the bank by security cameras. They are usually on duty during the banks business hours.

In a museum, security guards usually work day or night. Artifacts in a museum are rare and need protection day and night. During the day the guard would monitor both guests and property. They attend to any emergency services needed by guests or employees. At night the guard is mainly concerned with security issues such as intruders wishing to commit theft.

Many residential areas are “gated communities” with security provided to only allow authorized people into such communities. The security guards also may patrol for extra security during the night time hours.

Security guards are usually responsible for maintaining daily security reports detailing any disturbances, who was in and out of the property, and any property damages or thefts that may have occurred. They are usually also responsible for checking locks, alarms, windows, doors and gates to be sure they are secure.

Education Needed

Most security guard positions require at least a high school diploma or GED. Many employers will have their own training programs for their guards to complete but there are schools out there offering special training for security guards. Guards completing training through security schools usually receive a certificate upon completion. In some states, security guards have to be licensed and complete a certification but not all require this.

Job Outlook and Conditions

The job outlook for security guards is favorable. There is usually always a need for security and protection of things. The average pay for a security guard is in the $25,000 to $35,000 range depending on where they are employed. Security guards may work inside or outside. They may also work in dangerous conditions as well protecting various property. They may work by foot, car or scooter. Security guards may carry minimal protection such as a club or mace or may carry a gun depending on their training. They may be employed by private or public organizations.


Security guards need a minimum of a high school diploma and often receive specialized training. Security guards may be hired in a variety of capacities in both the public and private sector. They work a variety of hours and may do shift work. If you are interested in in working as a security guard you will be sure to find an environment you are suited for!


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