How to Dress for Success in the Business World

How to Dress for Success in the Business World
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Why Dressing For Success Is Important

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Often, the first thing people see is your appearance. They see your hair, your face, and your clothes. Dressing for success is especially important in the work force. If you go into a place of business and there are two clerks available, one in a nice three piece suit with a smile on his face, one in ripped jeans and old t-shirt, usually the clerk you choose to interact with will be one dressed for success. Learning how to dress for success is an important skill in the work force so that you can make a good impression every time. Dressing for success could give you a new image and the edge you need to secure that job or that promotion you want.

Over dressed?

When faced with the choice of being under dressed or over dressed, choose over. If you think slacks may be appropriate but a suit would be an extra touch, wear the suit. When people notice someone over dressed they are usually noticing them in a pleasant way, that they made the extra effort. When people notice someone is under dressed they are not usually thinking of them in a positive manner. Usually they are thinking they are not dressed appropriately, that they don’t have the skills necessary to know how to dress correctly, or at the worst, they are a real slob!

Tips for Dressing for Success

No matter what you are wearing it should be clean and wrinkle free. Wrinkles can ruin even the most professional outfit. In most business situations conservative dress is a safe bet. If you have no idea what the dress code for the industry is in which you will find yourself, call the human resources department and ask what their dress code is. Be sure that you have clean, polished shoes as well.

Women should keep skirt lines to the knee. Shoes should be low heeled. Nylons should be worn and free of runs. The nylons should also be of a conservative color and no flashy designs. You should usually always wear a jacket too. Blouses should be white or some other light color, no standout patterns. Keep jewelry to a minimum as well.

Men should wear a nice pressed suit or at the least nice slacks, sport coat, dress shirt and matching tie. Dress shoes should be polished and free of scuffs. They should also be conservative in color. Dark colors are the safer choice. The belt worn should always match the shoes. Colors should be conservative, no plaids or wild patterns.


Dressing for success is important for job interviews and the workplace itself. Just because the job has been secured doesn’t mean you can let loose and start dressing like you are headed for a night club. The dress code you used to obtain the job is the dress code you will need to keep the job. You might not need to wear a sport coat or dress every day but the basic rules still apply in most cases. Darker colors, clean, pressed clothes, and polished shoes are usually the norm.

Dressing for success can help secure a job, maintain a job and achieve promotions. Follow these simple tips and you will be headed for success in your workplace.


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