The Career Path of Past Life Regression Therapists

The Career Path of Past Life Regression Therapists
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About Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression theory depends on the assumption that every human being is an eternal entity that has appeared in the form of

more than one person throughout the ages of time. Lessons learned from past lives as well as issues that have never been resolved from those lives can complicate a person’s present understanding of self and of the surrounding world. An increasing number of people are finding fulfillment by choosing past life regression therapy as their future career.

Surprisingly for some, past life regression does not absolutely require that a person believe in an afterlife with multiple, literal re-emergences of their person as a different human being. Those who prefer not to believe in their own eternal series of appearances on earth are encouraged to view the details of “past lives” as metaphorical tools that will help them overcome present issues.

Although past life regression therapy has gained considerable traction in society over recent years, many people remain unfamiliar with it as a science and as a capable therapeutic method that can often help people work through issues that have not been successfully managed through traditional methods.

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Finding Help in Past Life Regression Therapy

When traveling to a strange place, many people have feelings of having been there before. Similarly, some people meet for the first time and feel as though they have known each other forever. These are just a couple of simple examples of how the psychology of previous lives intrudes into present consciousness. In actuality, much more emotional baggage from previous lives accompanies a person into the present, much of which must be successfully addressed in order for a person to find happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

Experiences from previous lives can contribute to problems that seem intractable as people act, and react to situations based on experiences that go far deeper than present awareness. By delving into past lives and helping clients become more aware of what underlying issues have caused complications in their present lives.

By helping clients regress to the state they were in when their difficulties first developed, therapists can help them bring memories from past lives into their present consciousness so that they can be analyzed, dealt with, and then closed so that they can continue on to a healthier, happier present experience.

Regardless of how a person feels about reincarnation, the principles behind regression therapy are believed to have a valuable role in helping people who have resisted other treatments.

Taking the Next Step

Past life regression therapists should be trained and certified, just as other therapists are, by institutions that are credible in that therapeutic field. The International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT) is just one of the most well-known accrediting bodies that also coordinates educational and training activities.

The IBRT has renowned experts in every corner of the world that conduct organized training activities for past life regression therapists. In the United States, experts in Massachusetts and in California are among the most accessible.

For training workshops and schools as well as a complete description of the requirements for becoming a certified therapist, those interested should visit the IBRT website.