Filmmaking & Cinematic Techniques

Become the best filmmaker you can be with these tips and techniques on improving your cinematic style. Find secrets to camera angles, lighting, creating moods and atmospheres by close-ups, long shots and more. Do you need to film a scene in the snow or rain? How about in the dark? Read on for tips on tackling these difficult filmmaking techniques as well as advice on making better and more artistic and creative movies.

Guide to Creating a Documentary From Planning to Production

Whether you wish to create a documentary for a school project or hope to make it to the box office, there are steps you must take to make a successful film. Fortunately, this is possible even for a first-timer with a little guidance and know-how.

Shooting a Film in 3D: Overview of the Process

Shooting in 3D follows the same concept as the human eyes. The left eye sees from one perspective, and then the right eye sees from another. Things they see are almost identical, but not quite the same. The brain processes these perspectives together for a person to perceive a 3D environment.

Back to the Basics: Top 10 Common Video Mistakes

Shooting a movie requires both technical and creative skills to tell a good story. During the shoot, any or both of these may be overlooked because of varying reasons. Common mistakes the production encounters when filming are often due to stress or compromises caused by limited time or resources.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Film Just About Anything

When you decide you want to try to learn the trade of a filmmaker, there is a lot of room to stumble. Whether you want to make movies, music videos or just shoot someone’s wedding, there are many who have traveled the road before. Here are tips to the trade to help get you started as a filmmaker.

Understanding the Color Temperature Chart

Color temperature is an important aspect of both photography and videography. This is an important aspect of both white balancing and getting the best quality image possible from your shoot. Here is a look at what it means and how you can use it to make you a better filmmaker.

Filmmaking Tips: Top 10 Tips on How to Make a Movie

Complaining about a movie is easy but the difficult task involving how to make a movie makes even the worst movies tolerable. A number of things can help make a movie easier on the filmmakers. Here are ten tips to help any filmmaker get started on their next movie.