1 Click DVD Copy 5 is Not a Bad Option for DVD Copying Software But Can be Slow - Read the Review

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1Click DVD Copy 5 touts itself as fast and easy-to-use DVD copying software. While the one-click may be true, once you have installed everything, it’s not as simple as you would expect a commercial package to be.

1Click DVD Copy 5’s setup certainly is easy to do, making the product very beginner-friendly. Clear-cut instructions via dialog boxes during installation and configuration make it difficult to make mistakes, and the interface is easy to follow.

The most notable feature missing in 1Click DVD Copy 5 is a decrypter. That’s right, you did not misread that. This DVD-ripping software does not include a DVD-decrypting program. Therefore, you’ll have to go out to the Internet and obtain a decrypter yourself. If you try to rip a copy-protected disc with 1Click DVD Copy 5 you’ll be greeted with a message telling you to Google “DVD43,” and then download the decrypting program. You have to do this before you can copy your DVD. That won’t be very comforting to newbie users or to anyone else who has already shelled out $60 for 1Click DVD Copy 5.

Missing decrypter aside, features are what sell a product, and a quick check of the manufacturer’s website (https://www.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/1clickdvdcopy.asp), reveals a pretty hefty list of new features, including a built-in burning engine. And the free updates for one year will ensure your investment lasts a little while.

Price to Value (3 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
In terms of price to value, the $60 you pay for 1Click DVD Copy 5 is fairly average for this kind of software.

What’s Not:&nbsp
That said, $60 is an exorbitant amount when you consider that 1Click DVD Copy 5 does not include the most critical piece in copying software, the decrypter. Additionally, some features I have come to take for granted are also missing, such as the ability to preview or to custom-select extras (either all or none). The bottom line is that 1Click DVD Copy 5 is not very consumer friendly at this price point.

Installation & Setup (2 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
1Click DVD Copy 5’s simple installation will appeal to new users. Dialog boxes appear at almost every turn as you step through the setup. Additionally, the interface is clean and easy to follow with few advanced options to muck up the works.

Here are some images from the installation and set up:
[1clickDVD-setup1.jpg] - Standard Windows Installation.
[1clickDVD-setup3.jpg] - Options Menu within the program.
[1clickDVD-setup5.jpg] [1clickDVD-setup6.jpg] - Where the lack of a decrypter is most felt.
[1clickDVD-setup8.jpg] - Third-party decrypting required.

What’s Not:&nbsp
While the setup of 1Click DVD Copy 5 presents few troubles, having to Google to find a decrypter application, then download and install it, is something users might expect from open source or free software, but not from a $60 piece of software. And to add insult to injury, you need to reboot your system before DVD43 will work, and the application launches in the background at startup. Not seamless to say the least.

While the setup itself is simple, there are very few advanced configuration options, if you’re the sort of user that wants those options. Finally, as helpful as those popup dialog boxes are, there is no option for disabling them.

User Interface (3 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
1Click DVD Copy 5 has a very unique user interface. It’s a blank DVD circular image, with the progress bar across the top and very few buttons. The “Start” button is by far the largest and is difficult to miss. Other buttons include “Options,” “Help,” “Minimize,” and “Close.”

[1clickDVD-usage2.jpg] - Interface with compression requirements for your copy.
[1clickDVD-usage3.jpg] - Detailed dialogues clarify steps.
[1clickDVD-usage5.jpg] - CPU usage during copy.
[1clickDVD-usage6.jpg] - Copy and burn a DVD.
[1clickDVD-usage8.jpg] - Voila, you’re done!

What’s Not:&nbsp
While a sparce interface might be refreshing to novice users, advanced users will be frustrated by the lack of advanced options in 1Click DVD Copy 5. Clicking on “Options” is as close to an advanced setting you’ll find, but the limitations there (such as not being able to select which subtitles/extras are included) make for an unsatisfactory overall experience.

Product Features (2 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
Once configured, 1Click DVD Copy 5 does a fine job of its intended goal which is ripping and burning DVDs. And with the burn engine, you can copy and burn a DVD all from the same interface. Also, free software updates (for one year) and the included dual-layer media support, ensure that your purchase does not become obsolete that soon.

What’s Not:&nbsp
As I’ve discussed, the most glaring omission in features is the lack of a decrypter. The other missing features, such as the ability to choose extras, subtitles, or being able to select how high you can compress a DVD, are used as selling points for upgrading to the company’s 1 Click DVD Copy Pro software. However, when the competition includes a lot of the same features at similar or less prices, maybe it’s time the company reconsiders its pricing strategy.

Performance (3 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
1Click DVD Copy 5’s performance was acceptable. Ripping a DVD to my hard drive took 12 minutes, while copying a disc (just the movie, no extras) took 21 minutes which is more than acceptable for a full-length feature film (note: times will vary depending on your system and DVD drive speed).
Quality was also very pleasant. See the attached screenshots: Here’s the playback of the original DVD[1clickDVD-performance1.jpg], and here’s the copy from 1Click: [1clickDVD-performance2.jpg]

Help & Support (5 out of 5)

What’s Hot:&nbsp
LG Software Innovations, the company behind 1Click DVD Copy 5, does provide a fair amount of support options. While I couldn’t find any actual phone number to contact support, I did find an email address for technical support. In addition, there is also a Frequently Asked Questions section, and even a Support Forum. I’m a huge proponent of using forums over email as then the question and answers are available for all users. Kudos to LG for that; a lot of companies do not like to display software problems to the public, but I feel it helps users more than hurts companies.




















Suggested Features

For suggested features, I will simply reiterate that LG either include the “Pro” features in all future 1Click DVD Copy releases, or lower the price of its ‘5’ version to be in line with all the other software offerings in this space.
Other features that would make nice additions are the ability to rip and compress a DVD into various compressed formats such as Windows Video (WMV) or DiVX. It’s a feature found in other DVD copying software titles, and again, one that would be a complement to an otherwise lackluster offering.


1Click DVD Copy 5 may start off adequately enough for a DVD copying program, but it just falters too many times before the finish line. It does less than other titles, but costs the same. The creators are hoping that users who want those extra features will upgrade to the “Pro” version, but that costs an additional $20.

With so many software choices these days, it’s tough to distinguish 1Click DVD Copy 5 from any of the other applications. It does have a unique interface, but having to go to the Internet to download a decrypter (which is basically required to make the program useful at all) is a disappointment. I would recommend 1Click DVD Copy 5 only to users new to the world of DVD ripping and burning.

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