Video Fun Box Review: Quick and Easy 3D Animated Video Titles and Motion Backgrounds

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So, you have finished editing your video and find that you could do with a couple of cool effects and an animated title to add spice to your video. You check through the effects and animated titles in your video editing program but they don’t seem to be your cup of tea.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create your own 3D titles and motion backgrounds that will suit the theme of your video?

Is there any way to do it quickly and easily?

3D Titles and Motion Backgrounds

Yes, there is. Video Fun Box can accomplish the task for you. This application for Windows allows you to create 3D titles and Motion backgrounds like you have trained for it for years. There is no limit to the number of animated titles or backgrounds you can make. In the words of the developer, Jellypie Ltd, you’re only limited by your creativity.

For a video application that can perform wonders, it’s a surprise that the demo version is only a 2.5MB download.

Friendly Interface

The interface is pretty simple and when it opens you see only five large icons above a large black space which acts as the video preview window. The icons are shortcuts for new project, open saved project, save project, the 3D control panel and help file.

Most of the work will, however, be done under the 3D control panel, represented by the key icon.

Keyframe Control

Here you can work with Keyframe Control where you can select the 3D sequences which range from pan and zoom, text spot light, text knob and also motion backgrounds you would want to use for your video production.

Click on each of them and you’ll see an instant preview. I tested several and came away impressed.

Text Control

Under Text Control, you have the flexibility to really come up with dynamic 3D titles for your production.

Here, you can tweak the X and Y positions and also the rotate angle. Sliders are providers to that effect.

What’s more, you could also control the text settings. Text appearance options range from glass, solid and WireFrame among others. The Single Color option allows you to change your title to any color you desire with a few mouse clicks. You can also easily change your font size.

There are also other controls to tweak your Star, Particle, Blur and Picture settings. However, working on just the Keyframe and Text Controls alone can leave you with dazzling effects that rival that of top-notch television productions.

Done with creating your 3D animated titles and motion backgrounds, you can export them in such formats as DV-AVI, VCD, SVCD, 3GP and even in HD Video. PAL and NTSC formats are also supported. The demo version does not allow you to export, however.

Cost Offset Options

If you think, $99.95 is too steep for such an application, think again. You have the opportunity to recoup your cost. The developer recommends you sell the video loops you create to stock footage companies like iStockphoto. You can view existing clips created with Video Fun Box under Jellypie’s profile.

You don’t have to pay the developer any royalty out of your income. Isn’t this an attractive money-making option?

You can also offer your services making dazzling intros for training videos, presentations and web videos.

Since you have a dedicated 3D Title and Motion Background maker, you’ll be in a more advantageous position than those who have only limited preset effects and almost no motion backgrounds in their video editing programs.

Also, if you run a digital video website or blog, you could join their affiliate program to offset the cost of the program.

Apart from the price tag, you would have no complaints about Video Fun Box.