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The Choice to Make

What defines the hottest software of the moment is a unity of functionality and accessibility. Right now commercial technology is bringing what was conventionally only available in the professional realm right to the consumer. Independent film and audio production has many of the resources that were only available to the largest studios fifteen years ago, and the average home videographer can afford complex software that can transform their editing projects. There are many great editing software applications available, like Adobe Premiere, but only one has integrated so many elements into the most successful of all available consumer editing software.

Final Cut Pro was originally intended as a standard home digital video editing system, similar to that of the early Adobe Premiere software. The quality of the program, combined with its accessibility, attracted the attention of the commercial production realm as well, encouraging further upgrades of the software to be developed with professional expectations in mind. In 2002 Rodger Avary’s The Rules of Attraction was released in theaters, and proved that a feature film with complex editing could be produced using this software.

The software stands apart from other programs because with each new version, more and more features are added. With Final Cut Studio 2 you get Final Cut 6 along with programs like Soundtrack Pro 2 and Compressor 3. You are even given professional picture correction software like Color, which was originally a multi-thousand dollar professional program which was bought by Apple and added to the Final Cut suite for free. It is just that type of artistic empowerment that makes Final Cut Pro the best choice for all types of editing software. It accepts most types of formats including Digital Video to IMAX, allowing you to have standard software for most of the formats you would like to work with. At a new purchase price of less than $1,300 it should now become the standard for the serious home digital video producer.

To learn more about this video editing software, check out this Final Cut Pro tutorial series. You’ll learn the history of Final Cut Pro, as well as helpful, in-depth tutorials on how to use the software.

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