What are the Most Important Student Film Production Forms for my Project?

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Production Processes

Many people think that student film productions do not need all of the technical and professional elements of commercial film productions, but student film productions need to follow all the professional practices that are specific to the film industry. Not only do student film productions screen and find distribution in identical forms to those with commercial funding, but they also have the same possibility for legal scrutiny. One of these standard aspects of the student film production process is the use of student film production forms. These student film production forms are often the same standard production forms that are used on regular productions, but oftentimes they are crafted by the school they go to or have special restrictions that more standard film production forms may not. Here is a look at the most important student film production forms.

Photo Release Forms

Photo release forms are one of the most standard student film production forms because you are going to need to secure your right to show the images of your actors or those captured by your camera in private locations. You really cannot ensure the legal right to show these images of individuals without a photo release form of some sort, and these photo release forms are going to be especially important if you want to submit your student film to film festivals or for some type of commercial distribution. What you need to do when you are adding photo release forms to your larger collection of student film production forms is see exactly how your film will be using the images of people and then take a template of another professional photo release form. You will want to then alter that base template to fit your needs more specifically. You may also want to prepare group release forms for times when there will be such large numbers of people, such as with extras or large scale documentary scenes. You should also include special photo release forms for minors in your student film production forms.

Location Forms

Shooting on location is often going to be the best bet for a student production because there is no money and talent to build your own sets. To properly secure a location you are going to need a number of student film production forms. First, you are going to need a liability form that will ensure that the owner of the location will not be responsible for any damages to the location from your production or any damage or injury to equipment, cast, and crew. These elements should be part of the location release form. You will then need a location agreement form, which really outlines how and when you will use the location. This is an especially important student film production form because it will ensure that the owners know your exact intent and will make them less likely to pull out on you in the last minute. You may also want to include a location receipt just for safety as well.

Footage and Music Releases

If you are using any outside footage or music that is copyright protected and not public domain, then you are going to need release forms for that footage or music. This is one of the most important student film production forms as many film festivals will require documentation of this for entry and some film schools will even require it for projects you are turning in. Make sure to catalogue every outside piece of media that you use so that you can correspond the appropriate student film production form.