Canadian Film Production: What Makes the North Appealing to Filmmakers

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Popularity of the Canadian Film Industry

Over the years Canada has been the Hollywood alternative to film production. Many production companies from the United States flock to Canada to shoot movies because of the excellent incentives and beautiful atmosphere. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have been the backdrop of many films, many of which disguise themselves as other locations. If you look closely at some of your favorite films, you can see Vancouver disguising itself as Los Angeles or Toronto disguising itself as another popular city in the United States. Canada has been coined “Hollywood North” because of its history with filmmakers and producers in the United States and its close proximity to California. American filmmakers are able to get to Vancouver or Toronto quicker than they could London or Paris. The convenience of Canada makes the province a popular destination for film.

The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious festivals celebrating films of the world. Some of your favorite actors debut their movies at the film festival because they are able to reach their fans, who enjoy independent film and huge blockbusters. The Toronto International Film Festival takes place every year in September and screens over 300 films. This film festival gives emerging filmmakers the opportunity to show their work to hundreds of individuals that can make their dream come true. Canada has quickly become one of Hollywood’s favorite locations and it will continue to have a place in international film.

Tax Incentives

Tax incentives is one of the biggest reasons Canada’s film industry is so popular. Canada has several agencies that provide the highest tax incentives possible that can help films that are currently in production. These tax incentives that Canada provide are important to Canadian film production and the Canadian government. The incentives make Canada more appealing to production companies in the United States and all over the world. Canada Film Capital is a film agency that provides tax incentives to filmmakers. This agency is located in Toronto and Vancouver and it is the largest firm in Canada. Canada Film Capital has a long history of providing services to over 400 productions with the total being over $500 million in tax incentives. This film agency has proved that it can provide the best service to any production, whether its small independent film or an A-list blockbuster. Tax incentives aren’t the only service the agency provides; Canada Film Capital can assist with legal, certification and accounting for a film.

While Canada Film Capital is popular amongst the film world, The British Columbia Film Commission is another option that provides excellent services. The British Columbia Film Commission is a branch of government that strives to maintain and improve the film industry in British Columbia. Film productions have access to a vast selection of services provided by the film commission. The British Columbia Film Commission assists production companies with location scouting, tax incentives and script breakdowns. This film commission makes Canadian film production popular. Production companies look to the British Columbia Film Commission to obtain location permits and other production needs. Permits are a necessary part of the film industry because they give filmmakers the ability to shoot at the location of their choice. The British Columbia Film Commission makes it easy to obtain permits.

These incentives that Canada Film Capital and The British Columbia Film Commission provides makes Canadian film production one of the most important parts of the film industry.