Adobe Premiere Tutorial: The Best Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Video Editing Project

Adobe Premiere Tutorial: The Best Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Video Editing Project
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Adobe Premiere is consistently in the professional battle with professional video editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer, and has maintained a presence. Part of Adobe Premiere’s consistent usability is its connection with popular software like Adobe Encore and Adobe After Effects, all of which have really added to the post-production process. Keyboard shortcuts have always been an integral part of the video editing process because it allows you to enter your decisions much more quickly than by working with the menus, and Adobe Premiere continues this collection of keyboard shortcuts as you would expect. Here is a tutorial with some of the most useful Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts for new users on both the Mac and Windows versions.

Adobe Premiere Tools

The tools that you are going to be using in your Adobe Premiere video editing process are the foundation of your project, and you have Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts to select all of them.

  • Track Selection - A
  • Selection - V
  • Ripple Edit - B
  • Rolling Edit - N
  • Razor - C
  • Slip - Y
  • Pen - P
  • Hand - H
  • Slide - U
  • Rate Stretch - X
  • Zoom - Z


There are going to be different Adobe Premiere panels that you work with when you are editing that offer different options, effects, and editing procedures. Here are the Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts to view these different panels.

  • Project Panel - Shift and 1
  • Source Monitor Panel - Shift and 2
  • Timeline Panel - Shift and
  • Program Monitor Panel - Shift and 4
  • Effects Controls Panel - Shift and 5
  • Audio Mixer Panel - Shift and 6

Capture Panel

Working with the Adobe Premiere capture panel is essential because this is how you will capture footage into your video editing project, and the Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts have been extended into this realm as well as a way of continuing this type of project control.

  • Navigate Through Fields - Tab
  • Cancel Capture - Esc
  • Fast Forward - F
  • Rewind - R
  • Go to In Point - Q
  • Go to Out Point - W
  • Record - G
  • Stop - S
  • Step Back - Left Arrow
  • Step Forward - Right Arrow

Multi-Camera Keyboard Shortcuts

The multi-camera monitor is an interesting tool in Adobe Premiere that is going to allow you to work with multiple camera views on a single scene or location. Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts play into this very specifically as well, and you can use them to even select different camera perspectives.

  • Select Camera One - 1
  • Select Camera Two - 2
  • Select Camera 3 - 3
  • Select Camera 4 - 4
  • Play or Stop - Spacebar
  • Turn Record On or Off - 0
  • Go to Next Edit - Page Down
  • Go to Previous Edit - Page Up

Basic Timeline Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of the Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts deal with the timeline because this is the main editing location for your video editing project. Here is some of the more basic Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts for the timeline that you will need to know right away.

  • Clear Ins and Outs - G
  • Clear In Point - D
  • Clear Out Point - F
  • Go to In Point- Q
  • Go to Out Point - W
  • Match Frame - M
  • Start and Stop - Spacebar
  • Play Normal Speed - L
  • Play Reverse Normal Speed - J
  • Set In Point - I
  • Set Out Point - o
  • Shuttle Stop - K
  • Trim - T
  • Arc Tool - A
  • Ellipse Tool - E