Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial: The Most Important Sony Vegas Pro 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial: The Most Important Sony Vegas Pro 9 Keyboard Shortcuts
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What Happens in Vegas

Sony Vegas Pro 9 is a standard alternative to the hegemony of Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer, though it does not get near as much recognition. Like these non-linear video editing programs, Sony Vegas is a full service post-production package that allows for much of the same project control as other full scale professional programs. Keyboard shortcuts have always been an integral part of the video editing process, and Sony Vegas Pro 9 keyboard shortcuts are actually more plentiful than in most video editors. Here is a tutorial with some of the most important Sony Vegas Pro 9 keyboard shortcuts that you can use when starting out in this program.

Project Keyboard Shortcuts

A number of your Sony Vegas Pro 9 keyboard shortcuts are really only going to be for setting up and managing the project file rather than actually editing.

  • Create New Project - Control and N
  • Create New Project With No Project Properties - Control, Shift and N
  • Save Project - Control and S
  • Project Properties - Alt and Enter
  • Open Existing Project - Control and O
  • Exit Sony Vegas - Alt and F4
  • Close Current Project - Control and F4

Window and Element Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a lot of different elements to Sony Vegas Pro 9 and you are going to need to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly bring up and close down different working windows, tracks, markers, and different descriptive elements. All of these specific Sony Vegas Pro 9 keyboard shortcuts are to show and hide the specific item, which means that you can use this Sony Vegas keyboard shortcut once to show it and again to hide it if it is not docked.

  • Explorer Window - Alt and 1
  • Trimmer Windows - Alt and 2
  • Mixer Window - Alt and 3
  • Video Preview Window - Alt and 4
  • Project Media Window - Alt and 5
  • Edit Details Window - Alt and 6
  • Transitions Window - Alt and 7
  • Video FX Window - Alt and 8
  • Media Generators Window - Alt and 9
  • Plug in Manager Window - Control, Alt and 1
  • Video Scopes - Control, Alt and 2
  • Show Surround Panner - Control, Alt and 3
  • Media Manager - Control, Alt and 4
  • Video Bus Track - Control Shift and B
  • Audio Bus Tracks - B
  • Event Media Markers - Control, Shift and K
  • Active Take Information - Control, Shift and I
  • Waveforms and Frame Images - Control, Shift and W
  • Envelopes - Control, Shift and E

Video Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

The practical work in Sony Vegas is going to be around video editing, so here are some of the most important Sony Vegas Pro 9 keyboard shortcuts used in video editing.

  • Go to Beginning of Project - Control and Home
  • End of Project - Control and End
  • Select Loop Region - Shift and Q
  • Move Left by Grid Marks - Page Up
  • Move Right by Grid Marks - Page Down
  • Move One Frame Right - Alt and Right Arrow
  • Move One Frame Left - Alt and Left Arrow
  • Minimize or Restore Track List - Shift and F11
  • Cut Selection - Shift and Delete
  • Copy Selection - Control and Insert
  • Paste From Clipboard - Shift and Insert
  • Paste Repeat - Control and B
  • Render New Track - Control and M
  • Paste Insert - Control, Shift and V
  • Rebuild Audio Peaks - Shift and F5
  • Switch to Normal Editing Tool - Control and D
  • Next Editing Tool - D
  • Previous Tool - Shift and D
  • Range Select - Shift and Find and Select Events
  • Split Events Where the Cursor Is - S
  • Trip Selected Event - Control and T
  • Trim Left = F3
  • Trim Right - F9
  • Move Trim One Frame Right - 3
  • Move Trim One Frame Let - 1
  • Select New Take - T
  • Select Previous Take - Shift and T
  • Open Audio Editor - Control and E
  • Raise Pitch One Cent - Control and =
  • Raise Pitch One Octave - Shift and =