New Film Festivals: UK Festivals with Emerging Opportunities

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Mosaiques Festival of World Culture in London

The Mosaiques Festival of World Culture shows the French post-colonial landscape through film. This film festival is different than other world film festivals because the films it accepts focuses on one part of the world. The Mosiques Festival of World Cultures is unique in its approach to cinema and the filmmaking process. Many of the films come from north and west Africa, southeast and middle Asia.The majority of the films from these areas are produced with French Support. Some of the films that have been accepted have been set in unique and interesting places, such as Iraq and Brazil. For this film festival, UK (or more specifically, London) plays host during the month of June.

Science on Film

Science on Film is a rather unique film festival. UK based, this film festival showcases science films of all kinds. This festival is three months long and it shows comedic films about science, as well as dramatic films about science. Some of the films are not always new; Science on Film showcases vintage films such as Dr. Frankenstein. The film festival produces theme days, such as films about scientists and science films of different genres. This special science film festival gives the audience the opportunity to speak with actual scientists who are equally interested in the films.

Science on Film is the ultimate sci-fi film festival for science enthusiasts. Science on Film also occurs in London in June.

Falstaff International Film Festival

The Falstaff International Film Festival began in 2009, in the UK. The film festival is small and it focuses on new talent and cinema. The film festival takes place in the Midlands region of England and they call for submissions in June. The Falstaff International Film Festival accepts feature films, short films and documentary films. This film festival’s awards range from Best UK Documentary to Best Micro Short. This film festival also allows the audience to rate some of the films. The film, The Revenant won the People’s Choice Award. A short film called True Beauty this Night won the Best Micro Short Award. Student filmmakers are also granted access to this new film festival and they are also awarded prizes for their work. The inaugural Student Achievement Award went to Paula for exceptional student filmmaking. Dead Man’s Coughing won the Best Long Short award. The Best Long Short is an award that recognizes short films that are longer than the standard. The Falstaff Film Festival also showcases music videos. Thinking of Nothing was the first music video to win the Best Music Video award. The festival also recognizes the achievements and talents of directors and actors. The Best Director award is given to the director with exceptional talent and the Acting Achievement Award is given to the actor with the best acting ability.