TV Film Production Budget - Tips on Creating and Presenting a Polished Budget

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Make a List of the Important Items

When a filmmaker creates the budget for a film or television project, they need to list what they want for and in the film. At this stage, the filmmaker should have an idea on the locations, the cast, the wardrobe, makeup and other aspects of the project that will make it a success. A list should be made, displaying the important aspects of the project and what it would cost. Once the filmmaker has what they need written down, they will have a better idea of their budget.

Keep in mind that your budget is an estimate of what your project will cost, it is not the definite price of your overall project. If you are interested in presenting your budget to investors, it may be a good idea to find locations and other companies to provide you with cheaper services. An investor likes a budget that won’t break the bank. When trying to find cheaper services, make sure those services are of quality as well. You don’t want a horrible location for your project.

Presentation is Everything

The budget needs to look professional when it is being presented to investors or producers. The TV film production budget should be typed and presented in a folder or a document holder. Investors and producers will be impressed, if the budget looks polished. Within the pages of your budget, you need to prove that your project can be made for the price that is estimated. The budget should also indicate the time frame it will take to complete the project and how much it will cost if the project went beyond the allotted time.

Your production budget should be easy to understand and it should make the investor feel confident that this is the right decision they are making. Every budget should include a Top Sheet. The Top Sheet is the first page of the budget and it summarizes the entire budget. The Top Sheet should also list who is working on the project and the amount they are going to be paid. An investor should be able to look at the Top Sheet of the budget and know how much is needed to make and complete the project. Once your budget looks polished and professional, it can be presented to investors and producers and you can begin the production process.

Making it a Success

A TV film production budget should be understood by individuals with no knowledge of the television or film industry. Filmmakers can find investors with no ties to production but they have to make sure that the investors fully understands what is needed for the project. If you are having trouble creating a budget on your own, there are various computer programs that can help. Budget-creating computer programs will generate a template to assist individuals in a creating a budget for television or film production.