Where is the Sundance Film Festival Held & How Do I Enter my Film?

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Park City, Utah

Where is the Sundance Film Festival held? The festival takes place in Park City, Utah every year in January. Park City is a winter resort town with amazing shops and other tourist attractions. Many emerging filmmakers, as well as A-list celebrities flock to Park City, Utah to enjoy the festival. Sundance was established in Park City, Utah because its founder, Robert Redford is resident of Utah. When the festival was first created in 1978, in was stationed in Salt Lake City. In 1981, the Sundance Film Festival moved to Park City. Park City, Utah is also the home of the film festival’s Sundance Institute, which assists directors and screenwriters in perfecting their craft.

The Sundance Film Festival provides excellent opportunities to explore the snow-covered mountains of Park City, Utah. There are many ski resorts in and around the city that can be enjoyable during down time at the film festival. While attending the festival, filmmakers and film enthusiasts will receive a list of activities and programs that are available throughout Park City.

The Types of Films Accepted

The Sundance Film Festival accepts various types of films every year. Short films and feature films, internationally and domestically, are accepted into the festival. Sundance gives opportunities to emerging filmmakers, many who are submitting their first project. Films for consideration can be submitted electronically and through the mail. Filmmakers can use Withoutabox, which allows filmmakers to electronically submit their films. Before submitting a film, filmmakers must fill out the entry form.

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival accepts 110-120 feature films and 75-85 short films. In order to be accepted into the festival, feature films must be at least 50 minutes or more and short films must be less than 50 minutes.

Entry Fees

An entry fee is needed to complete the film submission process, into the Sundance Film Festival. The entry fee varies based on the type of film a filmmaker submits. The entry fee for a short film is $50, and the entry fee for a feature film is $75. Filmmakers can also use the late submission deadline to submit their film but they have to pay a higher entry fee. The late entry fee for a short film is $75, while the late entry fee for a feature film is $100. The Sundance Film Festival encourages filmmakers to submit their films as early as possible. Entry fees can be paid by a credit or debit card.


Sundance gives out prizes to the best deserving filmmakers for creating the best films. Some of the awards that are given out are best director and best feature. Films that are submitted and accepted into the Sundance Film Festival get the opportunity to compete in the U.S. Dramatic Competition, the World Cinema Documentary Competition and the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. The festival also showcases films that have been produced on a low budget, as well as films that are experimental. Many films that have been shown at the Sundance Film Festival have received distribution and have been displayed in movie theaters in the United States and abroad.