The Benefits of and Requirements for 64-Bit Video Editing

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Maximizing RAM Potential

First of all, what’s so special about 64-bit computing compared to 32-bit computing? Well, the most important feature is the ability to maximize the potential of your RAM. With a 32-bit PC, you can only use a maximum of 4GB of RAM. Even if you’ve installed 8GB of RAM, the computer only has the capacity to use 4GB.

This, as you know, is rather limiting if you’re running applications like engineering software, Photoshop or video editing applications that are heavy on system resources. If you’re using a 64-bit system you do not have to worry about running out of RAM power. If you have installed 16GB of RAM, then all of your RAM capacity is used when it is needed.

Video Editing and Multitasking

What’s the advantage of 64-bit computing when it comes to video editing? Well, video processing becomes faster, especially when it comes to rendering. You’re also able to multitask when editing video. This alone is every video editor’s dream. Video editing manuals advise you not to run any programs in the background when editing video, but with a 64-bit system and enough RAM you would easily be able to surf the Internet or write an article in Microsoft Word without having to worry about a system crash.

Additional Requirements

Before you look for video editing programs that support 64-bit, you want to make sure that your processor supports it. If yours is a new computer, the chances are it does. However, having a processor that supports 64-bit is not enough. You also need an operating system that supports 64 bit. If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you would want to check whether it’s the 64 bit version you have installed. You will also need 64-bit drivers for all the hardware components in your system. If you’re using an older hardware component, you will have to visit the developer’s website to check if you can download a 64-bit driver for your device.

Video Editing Programs that Support 64-bit

Once you’ve ensured you have a 64-bit operating system, and hardware drivers that support 64-bit, you can look out for video editing programs that support 64 bit video editing.

Among the more popular 64-bit versions of video editing programs is Sony Vegas Pro 9. It affords you more processing power and RAM, as has been explained earlier. If you’re working with large 4K R3D files from the RED camera, you will quickly thank yourself for going 64-bit.

Another software program worth considering if you’re really into heavy-duty video editing is Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. This program has been designed specifically for the 64-bit platform. What this means is you can use up to 128GB of RAM if your system supports such a capacity. Multitasking is possible so you could render an After Effects project in the background while working on an editing project in Premiere.

You can check out your preferred video editing program to see if it’s available in 64-bit. Many are these days. So, if you’ve built a system that supports 64-bit, it’s time you roll up your sleeves for 64-bit video editing.