Lone Pine Film Festival: Celebration of Western Films

Lone Pine Film Festival: Celebration of Western Films
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The Lone Pine Film Festival is held every October in the majestic district of Lone Pine in California. This hilly location has fantastic rock formations that serve as the backdrop of numerous Western movies including “How the West Was Won”, “Ride Lonesome”, “Brigham Young” and a host of other classic movies. The film festival is organized by the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Film History, a non-profit organization that aims to preserve the proud movie heritage of Lone Pine and nearby areas like the Death Valley and Eastern Sierra.


The film festival was put up by film historian Dave Holland and several film buffs who wanted to preserve the proud film heritage of Lone Pine as well as to raise funds for a film history museum to be established in the area. Since then the festival has gained a lot of mileage and attraction from Western movie fanatics who travel to that side of California to watch special film screenings, interact with guests and take photos with Western movie celebrities. There are also dealer rooms having tons of Western movie memorabilia, with guests taking on tours to visit the exact locations where some of the classic scenes of memorable Western movies took place.

Film Museum

The Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film history is a must-visit for any Western movie buff. The museum features an extensive and impressive collection of real costumes, props, cars, posters and other memorabilia used in various Western films. The collection of the museum would give Western film lovers an idea of how their favorite films were filmed in the area. The Wild West Theater also screens various Western movie titles on request. Western film lovers will also get a closer look at the works of Nudie Cohn who was considered the premier tailor of Western movie stars of the ‘50s.

Movies, Movies

Western movie lovers will also have the opportunity to watch dozens of Western classics. Some of the more popular titles held during the festival include Border Treasure, Coming Around the Mountain, and Lives of a Bengal Lancer.

Star Panel

Celebrities also drop by during the Lone Film Festival to interact with their fans. Celebrity panels feature numerous Western movies stars conduct interviews for the media and pose with the fans during the festival. Participants to the Lone Pine Film Festival will also have the chance to sit on intimate interactions with their favorite stars. Autograph signing sessions are also held at the historic Lone Pine Café where several memorable Western movies where shot.

Interesting Tours

Participants will also get the opportunity to go on interesting bus tours to the actual locations where their favorite Western movies were shot. Participants can take pictures of themselves in these breathtaking locations. Festival organizers also place still pictures of the films shot in the various parts of Lone Pine district. One of the favorite spots is the Alabama Hills. These are just some of the great activities lined up during the Lone Pine Film Festival.

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