Cinema Tools Tutorial: Important Keyboard Shortcuts for New Users

Cinema Tools Tutorial: Important Keyboard Shortcuts for New Users
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Telecine Tools

Cinema Tools, now part of the complete Final Cut Studio, is part of Apple’s efforts to integrate Final Cut Pro into a professional workflow.

Cinema Tools allows for a databasing function that will monitor the frame rates when using telecine to convert from film stock. Though you can use Cinema Tools to edit clips, you’re not going to need an intuitive interface in the same way as you would with a non-linear video editing program. Though the same kind of creative workflow is not necessary with Cinema Tools, keyboard shortcuts are still embedded deeply into the functionality of Cinema Tools. Here are some important Cinema Tools keyboard shortcuts for new users.

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

For those who have become used to Mac software you are going to find that there are a number of keyboard shortcuts that are common to several programs. Many of those keyboard shortcuts come around Edit functions, but it is a mixed bag in Cinema Tools between keyboard shortcuts that appear in several Apple programs like iMovie and those that are unique to Cinema Tools.

  • Undo - Command and Z
  • Redo - Shift, Command and Z
  • Cut - Command and X
  • Copy - Command and C
  • Paste - Command and V
  • Select All - Command and A
  • Paste and Match Style - Shift, Option, Command and P
  • Special Characters - Option, Command and T

Project Function and Services Keyboard Shortcuts

A number of the Cinema Tools keyboard shortcuts are in place really just to manage the project you are working with. Here are some for basic project functions, window control, and special services that are included in Cinema Tools.

  • Open Clip - Command and Open

  • Close - Command and W

  • Save - Command and S

  • Telecine Log - Command and L

  • Minimize - Command and M

  • List View - Command and 1

  • Detail View - Command and 2

  • Hide Cinema Tools - Command and H

  • Make a New Sticky Note - Shift, Command and Y

  • Search With Google Search - Shift, Command and L

  • Send a File to a Bluetooth Ready Device - Shift, Command and B

  • Use Spotlight - Shift, Command and F

  • Find the Applescript Result - Command and “*”

  • Quite Cinema Tools - Command and Q

  • Cinem

    tip cinema fig1

    a Tools Preferences - Command and “,”

Database Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you are actually working with a Cinema Tools database you are going to have a number of different functions for managing records and creating new databases for logging the video you are converting.

  • New Database - Shift, Command and N
  • Open Database - Shift, Command and O
  • Open Database Properties - Command and I
  • Find Item - Command and F
  • Delete a Record - Command and Delete
  • Next Record - Command and }
  • Previous Record - Command and {
  • Revert Record - Command and R