Tips & Ideas for Creating a Viral Video Promotion

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Viral Video Promotion

Creating a viral video promotion is a bit tricky because its success relies little on video editing skills. The success of a viral video is dictated by luck as much as it is by the video’s content and the video editing skills of its maker. For a video to go viral, hence being an effective promotional tool, its audience needs to be engaged and inspired enough to feel the need to spread the video around. If you want to create a viral video for promotional purposes, here are some tips in successfully creating a viral video promotion to get you started.

Determine Your Audience

Depending on the product or service that you are promoting in your video, you need to determine your target market. From there, you can produce a video that will capture their attention and taste, increasing the chances of your video going viral and finding an interest audience. Usually for the Internet crowd, low production values make videos more authentic and entertaining, so make sure that you don’t overdo things in the video editing part of your video production.

Keep It Short and Sweet

In producing the video you want to make viral for promotional purposes, make sure that it is short. The Internet crowd is notorious for having a short attention span, which can be attributed to Internet connections that are usually just optimized to play short videos. The shorter your video is, the quicker your audience will finish viewing it. If it’s entertaining enough, they will share it with their friends and family. Longer videos will usually lose the attention of viewers, making it an ineffective promotional tool.

Make It Funny

Infuse humor into your video if it is appropriate. Funny videos are the most popular videos on video sharing sites and they have the biggest chance of going viral. Putting entertainment value to your promotional video will increase its chances of being shared by viewers. If it’s entertaining enough, you will gain a loyal following, which makes future viral promotional efforts from you easier to implement. Simply making your video a well produced advertisement will not be enough to capture the attention of the Internet crowd.

Extend Your Reach

YouTube may be the most popular video sharing website, but there are a multitude of video sharing sites on the Internet. It is best that you upload your video to as many video sharing sites as you can find. This will increase the number of your audience exponentially if viewers decide to share your video. There are online services that let you upload a video to multiple video sharing sites at once. You should use these services to maximize your reach without requiring you to individually visit every video sharing site you know of.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Use social networking services like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your video. Uploading your video on video sharing sites will not be enough to make it viral. You need to give it an additional push by blogging about it, sharing it on social networks and mentioning it or embedding it on discussion boards relevant to the product or service that you are promoting in your video.