What is a Viral Video? Filmmaking & Marketing Techniques

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“What is a viral video and should I make use of it to market my services or products?” That is a question most Internet marketing people are asking themselves these days in the advent of innovative and new Internet marketing strategies. Aside from knowing what viral videos are, you should also know that it has pros and cons before you decide to implement it in your marketing strategies.

What is Viral Video?

To define viral video, it is a video that becomes known because of massive views through the video sharing websites. It is now a famous strategy of marketing and promoting products and services by embedding advertisements to the high ranked videos. Any video can become a viral video as long as it becomes very popular on the Internet via sharing. Usually, videos are shared and passed on through video sharing sites like YouTube. Viral videos are typically humorous videos that can either be clips from popular comedy TV shows or amateur video clips. This is not the only type of viral videos, though. Any video, regardless of their content, as long as it is passed around by people, can be considered a viral video. The usual term for the event where a video becomes popular is “It has gone viral.”

The Pros of Creating a Viral Video

By its nature, a viral video can be a huge asset in a marketing campaign without using a tremendous amount of resources. It only needs to rely on its entertainment on educational value to become a hot commodity among video sharing sites. All the effort of spreading the video around comes from ordinary people who likes watching and sharing interesting videos. For Internet marketers, all they need to do is sit back and relax as they watch the denizens of the Internment market their service or product for them.

An individual can also gain popularity if they create a video that is entertaining and interesting enough for people to share it around to their friends and family members. Whether a person consciously tries to make a video viral or not, it is up to the Internet crowd to decide whether it should go viral or stay obscure.

The Cons of Creating a Viral Video

In Internet marketing, you can’t really control which videos become viral. All Internet marketers can do is to try all they can to make a video entertaining, informative and interesting enough for people to like it enough to the point where they feel the need to pass it around among their friends and family members.

Some can become viral without their owners knowing about or intending for it. This can have a negative impact on an individual if the video shows them in an embarrassing moment. Once it gets passed around, an individual can do little to stop the video going viral.

For some viral videos, they become so popular and so viral that they reach a point where it becomes annoying already. It suffers a backlash that often result in ridicule and mockery from the Internet crowd. Its unpredictable nature makes it an unstable marketing tool to rely on. However, if you’re creative enough and in sync enough with the taste of the Internet crowd, you can create a video that can have a very large chance in going viral.