Video Editing Contests Tips & Ideas: Getting Ready for Your Entry

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Video Editing Contests

Video editing contests take more than just awesome video editing skills. It also involves coming up with great ideas for your video, building relationships with your peers and developing marketing strategies that will benefit the charm of your video entry. Joining video editing contests is a great way to show people your video editing skills and present your creativity. Not only do you have to impress the judges of the contest, but also the audience who will be viewing your edited video. If you’re planning on joining video editing contests, here are some tips to preparing your video and yourself so you can impress everyone.

Understand Completely the Rules of the Contest

Before creating your digital video, you must first understand the rules and guidelines of the video contest you are entering. Make sure that you follow all instructions and restrictions for video entries. Fill out the necessary application forms properly. If there’s a time limit or a deadline, plan your time table for producing your video. Make sure that you fully understand the topic or the theme of the video editing contest. These are critical preparation procedures that you should go through before you even conceptualize your video entry because no matter how good your entry is, it will be of no use to you if you get disqualified for not following the rules of the video editing contest.

Prepare Your Equipment

Once you have a clear picture of the contest rules and what you want to do with your video entry, it’s time to check if you have the proper equipment for shooting, editing and processing your video entry. Make sure your video camera is what you really want to use to shoot your video entry. If not, acquire your ideal shooting equipment by purchasing new tools or borrowing from friends. Next, check if your video editing equipment is in good condition. You want your video editing computer and video editing software to be efficient so you can work comfortably during the time period set for the contest. Once you have your equipment ready, you can now proceed to bringing your idea to life.

Engaging Your Audience

If the contest involves viewers’ online votes, it is good if you know the pulse and taste of the Internet crowd. One way to be up to speed with what people want to see is by building relationships with people online and participating in communities, preferably based on video sharing websites. This will give you and edge in an online video editing contest because you know what people want. If the contest is not online, you can still rely on your Internet friends to evaluate your work. You can upload a teaser or a clip of your entry to get feedback from an online audience. Of course, you need to make sure that doing this is allowed in the contest rules. If it is, you can use online feedback to make modifications to your video entry.

Remember that a great video entry is not just about great video editing. It needs to have a heart and a soul that will appeal to both judges and audiences to back up your technical video editing skills.