Production Assistant Resume Samples: How to Put Together a Production Assistant Resume

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The production assistant position is often where people will begin in the film industry, no matter what their qualifications are. Here is a good way to get on set experience, get the feel for how productions work, and look at where you want to move up to. Production assistants at a higher level are a relatively well paid position and you have to be able to show your educational and professional experience in a way that displays your ability to sell yourself. This means putting together a proper production assistant resume, which is the same thing you would need no matter what the industry was. Here is a look at what a sample production assistant resume might have on it.

Work Experience

There are no steadfast rules for what would be on it, so it is best to look at production assistant resume samples. The first things you are going to want to note on your production assistant resume is the type of position you are looking for and then possibly a quick line explaining your qualifications in a more general sense. Below that you are going to then focus in on your work experience. List the jobs that you had, the time you were there, and the contact information if necessary. Below that you are going to want to list your specific tasks for each job. You want to be specific enough to explain what you did, but if you go into too much detail you will end up creating too long of a document to be practical.

Your Information

You should put basic skills and things that are special about you up top, but it is up to you whether or not your production assistant resume sample includes your skills above your work experience or not. You will find production assistant resume samples that have it done both ways, so it is up to you how you want to position this.

You will want to list any type of film specific skill you may have, which means experience with video editing and post-production software, live or post-production sound mixing, any camera work, and producer or director positions, any office skills, and so on. You may want to create a few bullet points and list categories of skills with a little more information. For example, you may want to list that you have experience with video editing and other post-production workflows so you could list that in a general sense and then line up the names of different software you are adept in and types of projects you have worked on.

Try to focus in your skills on things that a production assistant will actually have to do, but something like technical film post-production is still going to be impressive to a production company hiring you as a production assistant and they may want to shift you toward that field and try you out for a promotion. It is important to show on your resume that you are willing to work your way up and you have the skills that will make them want to hold onto you beyond your production assistant position.

Schooling is absolutely important, but you may want to include it at the end. The quality of the school you went to does matter, but it is most important that you simply have the education and you will be able to prove it with specific skills.

The most important thing that you should always remember on your production assistant resume is relevant contact information, otherwise the rest of it will really not matter. Try to keep the entire thing under two pages, and you will find that no production assistant resume samples are longer than that. This will be important for all film jobs you apply for.