A Top 5 Video Editing Software Forum Review: AV Help for Software Users

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Say after buying a video editing software program, you run into problems when using it. You find that the developer does not offer good support or the manual, (as it often does), leaves much to be desired. Product reviews are great, but they do not always reflect a long term use of the product in question.

One quick way to solve your problems is to visit a top video editing software forum for answers. If you cant find answers, you can always ask. There are hundreds if not thousands of video editing software forums out there. So, which do you choose? This article will look at the top 5 video editing software forums with quality discussions on video editing software .

Videoforums (4 out of 5)

Videoforums.co.uk is a digital video forum run by Digital Director. Apart from finding discussions on video editing, disc authoring, and sound recording and audio editing, there is also a section for video editing software problems and buying advice. Top video editing software programs like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Pinnacle Studio and even Avid are discussed. This is a pretty active forum as evidenced from the number of threads and posts. For example, under Sony Vegas and Media Studio, there are 3824 threads and 19,924 posts.

Videomaker Community (4 out of 5)

This forum is run by Videomaker, a leading magazine on video production. The community section of the online version of the magazine has discussions on important areas of video production and even camcorders.

The video editing software section of the forum has discussions on top-dog video editing software programs like Adobe Premiere, Encore, After Effects and Apple software like Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Under the Other Software section mid-range video editing software programs like Corel VideoStudio, Magix Movie Edit Pro and Cyberlink Power Director are discussed.

CNET Video Editing Software Forum (4 out of 5)

CNET is a reputable site offering the latest product reviews, software downloads and tech news, among others. Though the video editing software forum may not be as extensive as the above two forums, there are useful discussions on video editing software programs. Among the topics covered are Best Video Editing Software Under $250, Best but cheapest video editing software, Video editing software for Windows, and Best video editing software for Sony Handycam DCR-HC21.

Videoguys NLE Software Forum (4 out of 5)

Videoguys.forumexperts.com claim to be `the video editing and production experts’. What this actually means is they are one of the top sellers of video editing and production products. Even if you don’t fancy buying anything from them, you can visit their Video Editing/NLE software forum to avail yourself of discussions relating to top video editing software programs like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Avid, among others.

Creative Cow Forums (5 out of 5)

The name may not sound serious enough for discussions on such matters as video editing software, but the forums relating to video editing software programs are simply mindboggling. Every top video editing software program has its own forum. Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Avid and Pinnacle Studio are among the top guns covered. This is a top video editing forum you would not want to stay away from. Check it out at forums.creativecow.net.

So, with great forums like these available, you will quickly find all the help you need to troubleshoot and make the most of your video editing software.