360/365 Film Festival: A Look at the 360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival

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Welcome to Upstate Filmmaking

The Rochester New York area has a long standing history of innovation in film, from the foundation and current center of Eastman Kodak to the independent film and television traditions of the entire state. For upstate New York, the High Falls International Film Festival became the premiere film festival before shifting its name and becoming what is now known as the 360/365 Film Festival. Rochester itself has a unique foundation with a large amount of art and music, as well as a culturally diverse community and a countryside landscape nestling the city on all sides. Over the years, the 360/365 Film Festival has been noted for its commitment to showcasing the work of women filmmakers in particular, with special awards available to women filmmakers. Each year the 360/365 Film Festival does bring in a unique showcase of speakers and films, and student films are becoming a major staple as Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film and Animation starts showing itself as one of the top film schools in the country.

Short Films

When submitting short films to the 360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival’s Short Film Program you will find that early submission, and the cheapest admission price, falls on November 20th. You can actually submit your short film to 360/365 as late as February 22nd, but the submission fee will jump from the regular admission price of $25 to $50. If you are using WithOutaBox.com to organize your film festival submissions, which you should be just in terms of organization, then you will get a five dollar discount. Short films must not exceed thirty minutes and though they take DVDs, they state they do not prefer them. This is likely to change as the years progress where only digital formats are used.

Feature Films

With feature films the 360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival follows much of the same guidelines as the short film section, yet with a higher submission fee. The deadlines remain the same yet the first submission fee is $45 dollars, and the final February 22nd one is at $80. The WithOutaBox.com discount of five dollars per submission fee stands here as well. The same requirements and precautions are made for features as with the short films, but note that these must be complete films and not rough cuts or works in progress in any way.

Children’s and Young Adult Programming

The 360/365 Film Festival’s Children’s and Young Adult Programming falls into the same submission fee category as the feature film and short film category. The films in this category must be specific to the age group that is specified in the category’s title, so keep things for a child and family audience. You should also note that there is no honorarium for this section.

Helpful Tips for Submissions

You have to note that it is specific in the details about the 360/365 Film Festival that genres are not considered when submitting your film, though it is always true that the independent film community generally favors certain types of stories over others. There are a number of noted festival organizers involved in animation and there is quite a presence there. This means that animation will be generally accepted favorably, but understand that 360/365 is well known in those communities and the Rochester Institute of Technology is a high level animation school and is very close by. This may stack the decks in terms of animation, so your success in that specific field is really determined by how many similar submissions there are. Though it is not official, filmmakers from this New York area are somewhat encouraged. On the submission form you must list your general location, and three out of the seven are specific to New York. If your film deals with upstate New York in some way then it may be even more perfect for the 360/365 Film Festival. When you are submitting to the 360/364 George Eastman House Film Festival try to put together a full press package, though you will not send all of it. Really you should just include basic contact and film information and a fully authored DVD, but never over package the film as this just causes problems for the film committee and will end up reflecting poorly on you.