Easy Video Editing Software for Beginners

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Windows Movie Maker

Most PC computers usually come equipped with Windows Movie Maker video editing software among their applications. The software has a simplistic editing interface and allows users to switch between “timeline” and “storyboard” modes when making a movie. All tracks on the timeline feature are clearly labeled to help editors figure out where to add, move or edit video footage, music, transitions and titles.

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most easy to use video editing software programs for beginners because it has a clean workspace with all of the basic elements necessary to assemble three different types of media into one finished movie. This software also displays instructions on how to capture, edit and add transitions or titles to videos and also instructs users on saving and sharing their finished movies.

It is the best video editing software for people who want to learn how media elements go together before moving on to advanced programs and also great for men and women who need to assemble their videos quickly without using special bells and whistles.

Video Edit Magic

Men and women who are beginners at video editing but need additional options that will help them make more detailed edits can benefit from using Video Edit Magic. This software has a clean interface and an easy learning curve that makes it comparable to free editing programs such as Windows Movie Maker. More advanced features such as multiple video tracks and audio tracks, text effects, green screen effects make Video Edit Magic stand out among its consumer grade counterparts.

The software also has a quick start menu that opens upon startup and essentially walks users through the entire editing process, step by step. There are useful audio editing options such as volume adjustments that can be applied to any area of the timeline. The video and audio tracks can also be edited separately, making it possible to add music without sacrificing dialog or remove sections of video while keeping the audio. Video Edit Magic is one of the most easy to use video editing software with a relatively low price tag for beginners that can accommodate a variety of video formats.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Beginning video editors can find solace in using Adobe Premiere Elements because it comes from a company that is known for producing high quality products that are used by media professionals who are more knowledgeable about editing software. Adobe Premiere Elements is a basic version of its souped up, professional and more expensive cousin, Adobe Premiere. The software accommodates people working at the beginning stages of video editing by providing automated options that allow users to capture or import their media and have a finished movie within minutes.

Men and women using this program can take advantage of ready-made movie themes complete with titles and other graphics, which reduces the amount of editing that needs to be done. Users can drag and drop their video clips into this program and then let the software work for them instead of modifying a lot of footage on their own. The automation feature still does not overshadow the ability to edit video footage using this software’s manual functions on the timeline. Adobe Premiere Elements has a professional looking interface but is still designed in a manner that makes it easy for beginners to navigate through their project menus. This video editing software costs significantly more than the average consumer level program but makes the price worthwhile by providing advanced graphics and themes that come from a trusted source in the video industry.


Video editors who like the ability to switch between storyboard mode and timeline mode may enjoy using MoviePlusX3. Previous edits that were made before the switch remain intact, which can save a lot of time while trying to make a completed video presentation. MoviePlusX3 also has a well-designed interface that makes it easy for users to organize their video clips, find menus for editing, capturing and importing media and burning DVDs.

The software allows users to rearrange the workspace to fit their video editing needs and preferences. The preview monitor, timeline, task pane, media window and other workspace elements can be moved, resized or hidden throughout the editing process. MoviePlusX3 also has predesigned titles, themes and other effects that can be adjusted or used as they come to reduce the amount of guesswork needed to create a visually stunning video. MoviePlusX3 is one of the most easy to use video editing software for beginners that offer professional features at an inexpensive price.

Roxio Creator 2010

Video effects and transitions can be previewed before being added to the editing timeline in Roxio Creator 2010, placing this program among the more practical software options for beginners. The ability to view transitions in real time reduces the amount of editing that has to be done, especially at times when certain transitions seem appropriate for videos in concept but then need to be replaced with a different transition or video effect because the first selection does not look right in the finished movie.

Roxio Creator 2010 also provides an option to assemble video clips using customizable themes, making the task of editing seem as easy as possible for the end user. There are more than 30 tracks included with this software, allowing editors to layer multiple video clips, audio tracks, photos and transitions to create a more robust movie. Beginners who need to adjust their video footage can trim these clips as needed to fit the desired length of the finished project. This video editing software has additional features such as disc burning, photo tools and digitization options for portable devices and is very affordable for the average man or woman who wants to create DVDs from home movies.