Video Edit Magic Tutorial: Do You Need Help in Slowing Down the Time Line in Video Edit Magic?

Video Edit Magic Tutorial: Do You Need Help in Slowing Down the Time Line in Video Edit Magic?
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Need Help Slowing Down the Time Line in Video Edit Magic?

In this tutorial we shall learn how to slow down the time line in Video Edit Magic.

First let’s be clear about what is meant by slowing down the time line. It means you slow down the speed of a video which originally plays at the normal speed in Video Edit Magic’s time line. When you do this you end up with slow motion video.

Here are the steps to slowing down the time line in Video Edit Magic:

Loading Video Clip

First of all, you will want to load your video clip into the time line. When you launch Video Edit Magic, you will be presented with a Quick Start Dialog Box.

From it, you choose the first option: Edit video, audio and image (media) files.

The moment you import your video clip into Video Edit Magic, it will appear in the Collections panel.

 Video Edit Magic Drag To Timeline

Once your video clip is in the Collections panel, you can drag it down to the time line.

Stretching Video Clip

With Video Edit Magic, there’s a simple way of slowing down the time line. If you click and drag the top right hand corner of the clip, the motion of the video will slow down. Similarly, if you shorten the clip, its motion will speed up.

 Video Edit Magic Stretch Video Clip

However, there is a problem with this easy method. When you stretch the video clip, you will notice that the audio clip remains in the same position. You can always drag the audio clip to fit the duration of the video. However, if you do this, you will have problems with the audio pitch. Video Edit Magic even displays a warning to this effect when you stretch a video clip via this method.

So, how do you overcome the problem? One easy way out will be to replace the audio with a different soundtrack to fit the length of the video. This could be in the form of background music.

Manual Stretching

Even if you don’t mind the distorted audio, it will be difficult to do it manually. If you stretch manually and face problems in matching the audio and video clip, you could restore them to their original sizes. You do this by clicking on the clip and then go to Edit Menu and choose Restore Size.

Alternative Reliable Method

A more reliable way of matching the video and audio clips would be to set the slider at your desired length. As a guide, if your video clip is a minute in length, you can set the slider to two minutes on the time line.

Video Edit Magic Stretch Audio Video Clips to Slider Point

Then you press the CTRL key, click on the video clip and then the audio clip and while still holding the CTRL key, drag the video clip (which will automatically drag the audio clip along) to meet the point where the slider is.

Now the audio will match the new length of the video, if you don’t mind the audio distortion the stretching produces.