How Do You Convert ISO Files to MPEG Files to Use in Windows Movie Maker? Free Options, Tips & Tricks

How Do You Convert ISO Files to MPEG Files to Use in Windows Movie Maker? Free Options, Tips & Tricks
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ISO Basics

An ISO file is an archive of one or more files represented by a single image file.

If you want an exact copy of a group of files to reproduce for future use, ISO is the way to go. For instance, if you want to burn an exact copy of a DVD of a software program or a movie you could turn the contents of a whole disc into an ISO file and then later use a disc burning program which supports ISO to create a replica of the DVD.

Since we have seen how data or video files could be turned into a single ISO file, now let’s look at how an ISO file could be converted into an MPEG file.

First of all, you need to bear in mind that when a file or group of files are converted into an ISO file, no video conversion takes place. The ISO just makes an image of the original files.

In our case here, if the original file is not in MPEG, then the ISO will not make any mirror of an MPEG file.

If your original file is in AVI and you create an ISO image file of it, you’ll end up with an AVI file when you extract the ISO file. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to end up with an MPEG file after extracting an ISO file.


Firstly, if you want your extraction of your ISO file to be in MPEG, you could do well to convert it to MPEG first before creating an image file out of it. So, when you extract the ISO file, you’ll end up with an MPEG file.

The other option is you extract the ISO file and end up with a non-MPEG file. Upon extraction you would want to convert it to MPEG. To this end, you could use a video converter program to achieve your aim.

Converting a group of files or a single file to ISO is a straightforward process. It could be done with free software like MagicDisc. In case you need to archive your video files for future use, you could MagicDisc, a freeware program, to turn them into ISO mirror files.

Here are instructions on how to use MagicDisc.

If you already have an ISO file and want to extract it to its original file(s), you could use WinRAR or 7-Zip.

The above link also includes instructions on how to use WinRAR.

Alternatively, there’s an excellent freeware alternative in 7-Zip.

This is a pretty straightforward program to use. You can find more details on it here.

Video Conversion Software

If after ISO extraction, you need to convert your video file to MPEG you could use a freeware video conversion software like Any Video Converter Freeware which you can download here.

Any Video Converter Freeware

It converts popular video formats to MPEG.

Another alternative is Super, a free video conversion software.

You can download Super here.

Once your video file is converted to MPEG, you can easily import it into Windows Movie Maker.