Learn How to Make an AMV Using Adobe Premiere Elements

Learn How to Make an AMV Using Adobe Premiere Elements
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Planning Your AMV Video

AMV or Anime Music Video (or other similar short films for online sites) has been taking YouTube, Google and other video sharing sites by storm. Basically, these videos take Japanese anime scenes, remove the audio and insert some popular song to create either a fun video or a video with a message. While this is the most popular format, you can also create regular music videos or other types of films using clips from other sources the same way.

Perhaps the easiest way to make these videos is by using Adobe Premiere Elements. The simple timelines make it painless to splice your videos together and add music. But, before you jump into a new project, you should think about what type of video that you want to make. This is going to affect your music and clip choices.

Once you’ve decided on what type of video that you want to make, it’s now time to start picking your audio and clips. Listen to the music that you want to use. Is it fast? Or is it slow with a few crescendos? Since you want your action to match your music, be sure to listen to the music and make a few notes. This will help you remember where the important changes in the music take place.

And, just because it’s an AMV video, doesn’t mean that you only have to use pop music. Experiment with different genres. You might find that some techno or rock music that will work great.

Creating an AMV Video with Adobe Premiere Elements

Now, it’s time to pick the video clips that you’re planning on using. If you’re using a bought DVD and are planning on selling your video, you might want to check on the royalty rights for the company. You may be infringing on them, which could get you into a world of trouble. But, if this is something that you’re merely using for your own pleasure, you should be fine.

Next, you need to import your clips into Adobe Premiere Elements. You can do this by following the below steps:

  1. Go to File, and Import
  2. Find the file on your computer, and select it.
  3. Click Open.

If you need to open multiple clips at once, you can do this by holding down the CTRL (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac) key, and then select your files. To add the audio to your Adobe Premiere timeline, just follow the same procedures.

Your clips and music should now be on your timeline. If you need to trim the clip, you can do this by adjusting the clips In and Out points, which is done by dragging the edge of the clip. Once you’ve done editing your clips, just arrange them with the music.

You can move your clips around simply by dragging them around the timeline with your mouse. If you find that a certain clip doesn’t fit a certain section of music, simply move it to somewhere else on your timeline where it will fit.

When you are finished compiling and editing your clips to match your music, preview your video to see if there are any additional changes that need to be made. If not, you can now publish your video. From here, you can burn it to a CD or upload to your favorite website.