You can create your own video livecast by using Web programs that allow you to stream program.

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Make Your Own Streaming Videos

Setting up a livecast is pretty straightforward. As long as you have a Web cam, cell phone or camcorder, a good microphone and some good backdrops and perhaps a little bit of makeup, you can pretty much make your own Livecast. The trick comes when you go to pick the right service to host your Web cast. Every service is different and offers varying features

If you have your own Web site, BroadCam is a good choice. You can download the free version of this. Or, if you prefer the full version, you can buy it at

With BroadCam, you can set up a conference or stream live video to others. You can also broadcast previously recorded video. For example, if you have a company presentation that was recorded that you now need to send to other representatives, you can stream them the video. The only drawback to BroadCam is that you need a Web site from which to stream your video.

Creating a Video With Your Mobile Device

But, what if your camera of choice is a cell phone or other mobile device? You do have a few choices also. ComVu’s PocketCaster and LiveCastr both allow you to stream video from your mobile device. With these services, you can notify friends when you are going to stream video either by sending them E-mails or by sharing the livecast link with them on your favorite social networking site, including FaceBook and MySpace.

What’s nice about these services is that you can instantly share live events like parties or concerts with your friends. The downside is that the quality will not be as nice as professionally made videos; the cameras on mobile devices do not produce very sharp images.

Creating a Live Cast

For regular livecasts, ComVu also has the Pocketcaster Pro. You can use your camcorder and microphone to make more professional, multimedia, streaming videos. If you want to stream your PowerPoint presentations, Anystream’s Apreso offers a PowerPoint add-on that will create a Web cast from your slides.

Apreso can add audio and video to your presentations and make them ready for a livecast from your Web site or by using Apreso’s Web hosting service. If you do decide to use this service, don’t get too fancy with graphics, animation and audio. There are limitations to the system.

So, to summarize, livecasts are pretty easy to do as long as you have the proper equipment and correct streaming service for your selected purpose.