How to Embed YouTube Video on MySpace & Other Websites

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The YouTube Planet

For the majority of the American public YouTube has become an entire institution. Instead of branching out in an effort to see specific news and television clips many people go straight to YouTube. And with good reason, as it is a perfect way to show short film work or other types of homemade videos. Part of the success of YouTube has been its ability to combine with social networking sites like MySpace to embed these videos.

What it means to embed is to take that video and then place it on your page so that it appears autonomously, yet it really is just feeding in from YouTube. This is a great way to add video content to your webpage or personal networking spot without actually having to upload the content. Here is a guide to embedding YouTube videos, and details for how to do this on MySpace.

Find the “Embed” Code for the YouTube Video

Start by identifying the video you want to embed on YouTube, whether or not it is a video that you uploaded. To the right of the actual video display you will see a box with different information about the video and the user. In the center of this informational box there will be two text boxes, the top one with the exact URL of the video and the bottom with the “Embed” text. When you want to embed the YouTube video you are essentially copy and paste that “Embed” text onto a specific location.

Adding YouTube Videos to MySpace

If you want to embed this YouTube video on your MySpace page you start by going into your MySpace account. MySpace now allows you to upload videos, but embedding a YouTube video is a separate process all together. At the top, next to My URL, will be a hypertext that says Edit Profile. Select this and then you will be take to a place where you can change your different personal information, such as ‘Interests’ and ‘Who I’d Like to Meet’.

You will then paste the “Embed” text from the YouTube video. Once you end your page edit and look at your MySpace page you will then have that video in that section of your MySpace page. Facebook works a little bit different that MySpace and does not allow you to embed videos in the same way.

Adding YouTube to Websites and Wordpress

Embedding YouTube videos on your MySpace page is really the same way that you would on most websites that are managed. This is the same principle that is used to embed YouTube video on websites that run on a blog format, especially those managed through Wordpress. The code for the video to show up is just the “Embed” string that is listed, which makes hosting video on a website much easier. YouTube can act as your intermediate between the video and the website and allows you to decrease the over all size of your website.