What is 24p Native in a Digital Video Camcorder?

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Digital Video Frame Rate

Film and video really record moving images by taking many photos sequentially very quickly. When these images are sequenced through rapidly it appears as though the image is moving as it was captured. Traditional film moves at 24 frames per second, which has a distinctly different aesthetic than what 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. Many people have come to expect and assume filmic authority to the 24 fps look and it is often more difficult for digital video cameras to replicate that. When you are looking at motion picture cameras and want this type of look you need to try to find it listed as having 24p Native.

24p Native Definition

24p Native means that the camera captures video at a natural twenty four frames per second. This 24p Native ends up meaning that you do not have to apply any extra video effects or post-production non-linear editing functions to make it 24 fps. The final image will be 24fps before it is transferred to any other medium, software, or storage device.

Less Saved Information

24p Native also means that when you are recording 24 fps you are actually using less information on the tape, or digital file, than settings that record at 30 fps. This can be as much as twenty percent, but this is not usually the main benefit of the 24p Native feature. It can still be helpful when you are trying to extend the space on a digital video tape or digital storage device.

Picking a Digital Video Camera

When considering 24p Native you should try to find a digital video camera that has this and other native settings. You are going to want the largest amount of options on your digital video camera. Later you can add lenses and video effects to help enhance the filmic look. You should really think clearly about all of your needs before ever going in to purchase a digital video camera. At the same time as you are looking for 24p Native you should make sure that the digital video camera you are thinking about purchasing has native 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the widescreen aspect ratio and essential to the film look. The 24p Native will not reach its full potential without the 16:9 aspect ratio.