How to Correct Audio Sync Errors in Adobe Premiere Video Editing Software

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Adobe Premiere Audio Errors

Audio sync inconsistencies have plagued media wizards for a long time. If you want to keep audio synch in check with digital video footage in Adobe Premier, you must capture audio at a rate of 32 kHz or 48 kHz. After you have captured DV footage at an appropriate audio rate, set the same audio rate in the Audio Settings panel in Premiere.To set the audio rate in the Audio Settings panel:

1. Choose Project > Settings > Audio

2. From the Rate menu, choose the audio rate that was captured (e.g., 32 kHz or 48 kHz). This is the most compatible rate.

3. Click on OK to continue.

After that things should be configured correctly, repeat steps and double check your device, if there are still any errors.

If you have a Mac-

To troubleshoot extensions for a conflict, create a minimum extension set that includes only the extensions that Premiere requires. Then determine which extension causes the conflict. Add other extensions to the set, a few at a time, until the problem recurs.To create a minimum extension set:

1. From the Apple menu, choose Control Panels > Extensions Manager.

2. Save the existing extension set: Choose File > New Set, and name the set (for example, “My Settings”).

3. Click Duplicate Set, name the set (for example, “Premiere Settings”), and click OK.

4. Choose View > As Folders.

5. Deselect all items in the Control Panels section.

6. Deselect all items in the Extensions section except for the following:

Apple Audio (Power Macintosh G4s only: Cubes and 733 mHz chips)

FireWire Enabler (DV only)

FireWire Support (DV only)

QuickTime FireWire DV Enabler (DV only)

QuickTime FireWire DV Support (DV only)

QuickTime – QuickTime PowerPlug

Apple CD/DVD Driver.

These all need to remain selected to accommodate the device you’re using.

7. Click your Restart button, and then restart Premiere.

Mac computers can usually find the right settings to configure, however one should never leave anything to chance, always double check your device and program settings.

As with all editing programs, settings are only part of the problem. When shooting, always make sure that audio is recording correctly. Some cameramen even forget to turn on the microphones ,which means no audio is recorded therefore audio won’t sync in editing, because there isn’t any. Ultimately nothing can be done in post production to salvage no audio made during recording, except of course re-recording afterwards and hoping it syncs, which is very difficult. As long as all these steps are followed and precautions are taken, your audio/video projects should sync up well, and without error.

If you have followed these instructions and still come across sync problems, consult with the manufacturer hotline for assistance.