Tips for Making Windows Movie Maker Run Faster & Cleaner

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Small and Simple

Windows Movie Maker is a much smaller and more concise non-linear video editing program than most would use for digital video post-production. In this way it is both easier to use for those who have not been educated on the technical and creative aspects of digital video editing and also makes it so that people with almost any type of Windows PC will be able to use it.

Unlike Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker does not require too much from your computer system to run correctly. It is not too space or power intensive as it is not used for extensive feature editing with large amounts of image and sound control. Even though it is not going to be intensely taxing on your PC, Windows Movie Maker still does take some focus. Even when you are running Windows Movie Make there are some unique ways to make it run even better on your Windows machine.

Avoid Competition

The easiest way to make Windows Movie Maker work best is to simply shut down any competing applications. It may seem natural to have other creative applications open at the same time, such as photo or audio manipulation software, but instead you really need to have just Windows Movie Maker running on its own. Creative production software is the most intensive on your computer so you really need to pick one at a time.

Clean Up

What happens to be true for all video editing computers is to get all extra things off of it. Defrag, delete extra programs, run spyware and anti-virus software, and try to clear off all the extra junk. This is going to increase the general speed at which Windows Movie Maker will run.

Know Your Place

When you are in Windows Movie Maker it is going to be best to just bring in what you need at any given time. This means to open just one project at a time and limit your Collections size just to things you are going to use. At the same time you will want to keep your Windows Movie Maker projects relatively short and do not include an excess of video effects, video transitions, or title sequences. If you want to do long projects with lots of image control you should choose professional editing software.