Windows Movie Maker: Adding Extra Blur

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Blur is a common video effect during video editing that allows you to add a painted over edge where the entire image loses its sharp edge in favor of defocus. When using Blur you want to be able to curtail the exact amount you want when applying it to your video clips. Windows Movie Maker only allows you to put a base amount of a video effect on your video clip. This makes it impossible to put less of a video effect on your clip when editing in Windows Movie Maker, yet you can raise the level of Blur intensity on your clip.

Extra Video Effects

When you want to add extra Blur to a video clip in your Windows Movie Maker project you start the same way that you would when adding any video effect to your project. Select the clip you want to add extra Blur to in your Timeline and right click it. Once the pop up menu comes up go ahead and select Video Effects from the list. Once the Video Effects menu comes up go to the left hand column and find Blur, which is the top option right above Brightness, Decrease. Select Blur and hit the add button in the middle, bringing it to the right hand column and adding it to your clip. Now, if you want to add more Blur than is originally included by the single video effect add then you begin to add it again. What this does is then Blur the image again after the original Blur has been placed. You can do this as many times as you want until the level of Blur you want is on your Windows Movie Maker clip.


This level of Blur is not usually the kind of thing you are going to want. Though you can use a single Blur for normal narrative effect, any more than this will interfere with the spatial clarity of the image. If you are going to use exponential Blur in your Windows Movie Maker project you only want to do this if you want the audience to be distanced from the image, as when you indicate intoxication or disassociation.