Windows Movie Maker: Tips for Using Mirror and Rotate

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Flip it Up

Some important video effects in video editing, including those offered by Windows Movie Maker, are used not just to color or alter the character of the image but instead to completely change the perspective of it. Mirror and Rotate video effects simply change the positioning of the image, either rotating it vertically or flipping the image. Since Windows Movie Maker does not let you alter the degree of video effect that is on the image they offer several positions for each so that you have a few interpretations of these video effects to choose from. Here are a few tips for using Mirror and Rotate in your Windows Movie Maker video editing project.


When using the Mirror video effect in Windows Movie Maker you have to make sure that it is inspired. One common way that people employ Mirror effects is when they are using sit down interviews in documentaries and they have too many people sitting on one side of the frame. Since you do not want to have every interview subject looking the same you will use mirror to horizontally flip a couple of them so that there is more change in the frame between cuts. The same can be true if there is too much framing that puts information on a single side of the screen. If you are going to do this you have to make sure that it is in scenes where there is no text or objects that the audience will pick up on. This will immediately look awkward and take the main attention of the audience. The Mirror, Vertical is a much more serious change and should only be used to correct and image that was flipped or create an image that looks completely unreal.


There are more options for Rotate in Windows Movie Maker. This Windows Movie Maker video effect is going to make images look completely different no matter what, so that means Rotate needs to be reserved for special situations. Rotate can be a good way to correct and image that was put in the wrong position on accident. It is going to completely but an image on its side or upside down, which has a purpose, but only if you find that you want things to look unconventional. Rotate 180 degrees is going to put it upside down and will be the most profound change, yet may end up being the most useful of all the Rotate options.