Learn How to Export Your Windows Movie Maker Project and Uploading It To YouTube.

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Web Publishing

Websites like YouTube are one of the most popular ways non-professional videographers can share their work and their voice with the world. The process for this is so easy that even the most novice member of the technology, and video community can jump on this wagon and produce a video that can go viral. Windows Movie Maker.

Video editing software is built into the Windows operating system, and it is specifically designed for people who do not have a professional background with video production but would like to put together easy videos. Here is the step-by-step process for exporting a video from Windows Movie Maker and then uploading it onto YouTube.

Before Exporting

Once you are done with the Windows Movie Maker project, you have been working on watch through it a few times in a large view. You may want to make last minute alterations so that the video looks just the way you want. Since YouTube is going to bring down the clarity a little bit, you do not have to be too particular about some of the shading and resolution points.


Go to File in the Windows Movie Maker upper task bar and select Save Movie File. You can also just hit Control and P if you want to save time. Here you will be given a window with a number of options. One of these The Web, which proposes itself as the solution for web publishing.

This will only give you the option to upload your video to two obscure file sharing sites and not the one you want. Instead select to save to your computer, which is the top option. Find an isolated location where you can find it easily, name it correctly, select the best quality for playback option, and let the export continue.

Uploading to YouTube

Once the video file has been fully exported from Windows Movie Maker and the file is saved on a storage device, go to YouTube.com, and sign into your account. From the Home page, you can go to the gold Upload button in the upper right hand corner. When you drag the cursor over the Upload button you get the Upload Video File option, which you should click.

You will be taken to the next page which has a button labeled Upload Video, which you should click. This will take you to a storage device search window where you then go find your file and select it. From here you just properly title it, add the info necessary, and complete the upload process. It will then go on your YouTube video page where people can add comments and view freely.