Emailing Videos from Windows Movie Maker

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Email Communication

What Windows Movie Maker does for people is make things easier by performing multiple tasks functions as single tasks. In this case certain motion and video effects that would take multiple settings and applications are done with one click, but you give up some of the customizability. The same thing is true for Windows Movie Maker’s export options, which are based around use instead of file formatting types. One of the unique ones for Windows Movie Maker is the export for email function.

Name As

Before you even begin the export process you have to make sure that the video already has a file name. Without this it will just be automatically named Movie, and this can be confusing if you have more than one project. Just go ahead and Save As for the project and give it a proper name. This will end up being the name for the video file that you will send.


When you are ready to export your video go to the Movie Tasks menu on the left hand panel and look under the Finish Movie heading. Select “Send in e-mail” from the list. Now a Save Movie Wizard window will come up and you can then follow the task bar as the movie gets saved. Once it is done you will press the Next button at the bottom of the window. It will then ask you what program you would like to send it from, which will likely be Outlook for most Windows users. An Outlook email message will then open up with the movie file already attached. From here you just have to add the body text, subject line, and address. Now you can just hit send and a copy of the video will be sent.

External Web Email

If you want to use an external email address you will just have to export the film in a standard format and attach it as a file in your email message manually. If you want to do that just choose the “Save to my computer” option. This will leave a free standing movie file that will act as any data file for attachment.