Copying Clip Effects in Final Cut Pro

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The Polish

Often times you only end up doing your serious image editing once the rough cut of the film is already put together. This is when you begin adding filters, doing color correction, and really altering images so they will appear as you actually want them to. Often times when using the same source video, such as an interview in a documentary, you are going to want to have all the same corrections done on each clip. Since you will likely be making the changes on a sub clip in the timeline you may not be making changes to the source clip. If this is the case only your small sub clip that you have worked on will be changed so you need to actually transfer the changes you made from that sub clip to all the other sub clips that came from the same source clip. This is made very easy in Final Cut Pro.

Copy and Paste

Go ahead and select the sub clip from the timeline that you have already added all the perfectly calibrated filters to. This means after all of its color correction and filter settings are where you would like them to be. Select it and bring it up into the Viewer. Select the Filters tab and go through and click on each added effect filter so that each are highlighted. To do this you select one and then hold Shift down while selecting each of the others. Now once they are all selected right click, or Control click, on them and select Copy. Now go to the next clip in the line up that you want to add those exact filter to and open it up into the Viewer. Again go to the Filters tab but now just right click in the middle and select Paste. All of those filters will now be added to that clip and the clip will look the same as the one you editing prior.

Clip to Clip

This is also a good way just to experiment between clips in Final Cut Pro. If the changes you put on one clip look good then you may want to apply them to another and then play around until they all look right. From there you can do the same process as you did before, and it ends up being a great way to go through each clip for image correction when finishing up your Final Cut Pro project.

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