Tips for Digital Video Camera Care

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Shattered Glass

A digital video camera is a sensitive jumble of different pieces of equipment working together to get a specific job done. Though they tend to be fairly resilient, there needs to be regular care and maintenance to keep it running up to par. Here are a few tips to help you itemize and correctly care for your digital video camera.

Scrub a Dub

The camera is a series of minuscule parts operating in their own self involved moment, but it still has to be considered holistically at times. With this in mind it is important to take a look at it in its entirety every few uses to see where it may be accumulating outside minerals, otherwise known as dirt and grime. Cleaning the case is important in this way as this is the gateway to letting nature attack the artificial world inside your case. Keep this especially important for any glass or glass like surfaces, such as the viewfinder and LCD screen as those are much more vulnerable to the dangerous world.

Talking Heads

If you are using digital video tapes, especially sensitive mini digital video tapes for high definition recording, then you are going to need to clean the tape heads. These can get especially gunked up over repeated use, which is both inevitable and inconveniently unpleasant. There are a few ways to do this depending on the type of build up you have blocking your tape spot. If there is dust accumulating you can use canned air, which is actually a nice way to clean periodically even when there is no kind of dust party occurring. If it has more residue on the heads and internal casing then you can take a micro fiber cloth a clean in there as accurately as possible. The best solution is to use a cleaning tape ever ten to fifteen uses, which will both prevent catastrophe and help you fix it when on a deadline. Often times you can go to the manufacturer’s website and get the correct name for whatever type of cleaner and cleaning tape you will need. A great way to avoid head damage is to use the same brand of digital video tape repeatedly as to not mix powder and liquid lubricants. You may also want to avoid capturing directly from your camera onto your computer because this puts unneeded stress on your camera. It’s best to just get a mini digital video tape deck to plug into your computer’s capture card if you are going to do a lot of capturing from mini digital video tapes.

Going Digital

You are going to have a much easier time if you stick with digital storage devices, mainly because it is cheaper, faster, and you have much less to worry about when it comes to camera care. What you do end up having to consider is how the plug in ports are looking and how the storage devices, such as memory cards or portable hard drives, are cared for. Consider these items the same way as you would with computer parts or accessories, such as keeping them away from moisture or extreme temperatures. Always use canned air and a small brush to clean out the memory and A/V ports on your camera.

Using Product

Make sure to avoid moisture at all costs when cleaning your camera, unless it is a specialized substance. Try to consider the manufacturer recommendations when buying cleaning products or trying out new methods.