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Software certification is something that has been standard around computer professions for years, but as all art and entertainment formats become more computerized the need to have these expertise is quickly becoming standard. Though there are expensive collegic programs out there to teach you these applications, some of the companies themselves offer detailed training and certificate programs that will give you both the tools you need to work them and the paper to prove it. Apple has been offering these very famously for Final Cut Pro, but they offer them just the same for lesser publicized but equally valuable software like its landmark DVD authoring tool DVD Studio Pro.


For many of the software associated with Final Cut Studio you need multiple levels of classes and exams, each costing an incredible amount of money and taking much more time then most people are willing to give. There is only one for DVD Studio Pro, titled simply An Introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4. This course is composed of fifteen lessons over a three day period, covering everything from storyboarding in DVD Studio Pro to downgrading from high definition to standard definition. It is labeled as an introduction, but this is as much of a comprehensive education for DVD Studio Pro that you are ever going to find in the professional environment. Once you are finished with the program you get the Apple Level One certification, which is the lowest level they offer but the only one offered for DVD Studio Pro. This level also counts if you are going for the all encompassing Final Cut Studio Master pro certification, which covers every application in the package comprehensively.


If you would like to find and register for a workshop at an Apple Authorized Training Center in your area you can do so at certification.apple.com, and you will want to do so ahead of time. This is the place where you are going to find everything there is to know about this software, and maybe even prepare you to educate others. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher in this field you may want to even look into the Trainer Certification.

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