DVD Flick Tutorial

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You can easily convert your video files to DVD with DVD Flick for free.

What’s more, you can combine files of different formats and convert them to DVD with subtitles all within a single interface.

DVD Flick is a 13MB download. Installation takes just about a minute.

On launching the program you will see a list of buttons to your right.

Add Title

Choose Add Title.

A dialog box opens up asking you to select your desired video file.

You can leave file type as All Supported Types and chances are your video file will be recognized.

If your file is not recognized, you can click on the file type drop down menu and choose among the multitude of supported files ranging from 3GP to RealMedia files.

Edit File

Once your file is listed, you can click on Edit File.

Under General, you can edit the title of your clip, set the target aspect ratio (16:9 o 4:3) and even the thumbnail time index.

Under Chapters, you can set the number of chapters you wish to create.

You can also choose the option to create chapters on every video source.

You can also add audio tracks and subtitle tracks if you need more than one for your DVD video.

Once you’re done with the Edit File Mode you can move to Project Settings

Project Settings

You can locate Project Settings on top of the interface.

It’s the fourth button from your left.

Under the Project Settings window, you can choose your project title.

Then you set the target size of your DVD. The default is 4.3GB. You can also select DVD DL (Dual Layer) which is set at 7.9GB.

You can also set the encoder priority.

If you choose high, the encoding process will take longer. If you have good quality video source files, then you can choose the normal encoding mode.

Under the Audio mode, you can set the volume modification. Default is at 100%. Default channel count and bitrate are set at Auto. In most instances it would be wise to stick to the default settings.

Under the Burning option, you can choose Create ISO image or Burn Project to Disc option. Choose the latter option if you want your video to be authored to DVD after the encoding process.

After you have finalized your settings, you could do well to save your project.

Once your project has been saved, you can proceed to building your Menu.

There are six menu templates to choose from – Mosaic, Orange LED, Plasma Sphere, Simple Black, Simple White and The Party.

Once you have chosen your template, you can choose between auto-play menu, show subtitle menu first or show audio menu first.

The final step is clicking on create DVD. Make sure you have a blank disc in your DVD burner before proceeding.