The Best Video Editing Software for Making Professional Looking DVDs

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Choosing The Best Software

If your decision regarding what non-linear editing software you are going to choose for your digital video production is based on the fact that you want professional looking DVDs you have a few things to think about. Check out some DVD authoring tips to help you make the most of your software.

Many, but not all, editing programs come attached with DVD authoring software. If you are looking to have a bundled package, where the DVD authoring program is directly correlated to the editing software you are using.

There are a couple optimum purchases that can be made based on the computer you are running.

Vegas Pro 8

For those who are running PCs for their home editing the newest Sony editing software, Vegas Pro 8, would be a good choice. Though the software is not as publicly hailed, it does have its followers and is versatile for all your home video needs.

It comes included with DVD Architect Pro 4.5 which is a great program that allows you to create beautiful menu systems and multi-media capabilities with a basic, drag-and-drop interface.

With a little bit of knowledge about the software and some creativity, your DVDs will look as good as anything you pick up at the nearest video store. Not only does this software offer great usability, it is also one of the least expensive video editing packages available.

Final Cut Studio

For those editors using a Mac the easy answer is to pick up the Final Cut Studio suite. Included with this creative package is DVD Studio Pro, arguably one of the best DVD authoring programs available for the consumer. The interface is even easier than that of DVD Architect Pro, and the options are comparable.

Though managing all the windows and menus that you will be creating for your DVDs can be a little cluttered in its interface, there are few other programs that consistently provide the functionality you want or need.

The best way to choose your editing software is based upon what your needs are. If your top priority is to have great looking DVDs, then these high-end software packages already include exactly the applications you will need.

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