Top Video Sharing Websites: Places You Can Submit Your Work or Veiw Other Artistic Films

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Do You Create Artistic, Informative, View-grabbing Video Clips?

If you’re truly into creating artistic, informative, view-grabbing videos, then certainly you’ll want them displayed on the top video sharing websites online to the best advantage. But with nearly 200 video-sharing websites currently on the world wide web and more popping up each week, how can you know the best ones? To help with this very dilemma, I’ve reviewed scores of video sharing websites (I have the red, sore eyes and flattened index finger from mouse-clicking to prove it too) and pre-selected the best ones for you. There are a lot of “crap” videos out there on video sharing websites, believe me. My top 18 video website list is based on the website’s content, its Alexa rating by category and the video sharing website’s standing in Google Page Rank.

ALEXA Ratings

Briefly I’ll review the two ratings venues. As you know, with Alexa the lower the rating number, the better the site is. So a rating of 1 is the best that you can get. The Alexa site also allows access to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This is a service permitting you to view archived versions websites by typing in a URL to begin surfing from a circa 1999 version of the site forward although the actual archiving of the web began around 1996. The Wayback Machine is named in reference to the famous Mr. Peabody’s WABAC (pronounced way-back) machine from the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoon show according to the site’s FAQ information. I like a good sense of humor, don’t you?

Google PR

With Google Page Rank checker however, the opposite is the usual case in a manner of speaking. It is a free tool to check the Google page ranking of any web site page easily and to display your site’s Page Rank value on your web pages according to site info.

The best rating for a website is nine (9). Lower numbers then constitute a lower rating of the website. From here you can also add the free page rank checking tool to your website for easier access.

The Top 18 Video Sharing Website Selections

Here are my selections of the 18 best video sharing websites including both Alexa and Google PR ratings: Alexa 8 Google PG 1 Alexa 9 Google PG 3 Alexa 8 Google PG 4 Alexa 8 Google PG 54 Alexa 8 Google PG 271 Alexa 8 Google PG 1,072 Alexa 8 Google PG 4,943 Alexa 8 Google PG 46,880 Alexa 8 Google PG 2 Alexa 7 Google PG 140 Alexa 7 Google PG 400 Alexa 7 Google PG 4,064 Alexa 7 Google PG 12,800 Alexa 7 Google PG 36,018 Alexa 7 Google PG 52,155 Alexa 7 Google PG 149,402 Alexa 6 Google PG 153,819

How to Use This List

Let’s chat briefly on how you might use this list. Depending on the type of video clips you want to broadcast throughout the internet, you could select three, five or more of these video sharing websites on which to upload your video clips to give them the best possible exposure to the kinds of viewers you are looking to reach. Is your video clip offering humorous, instructional, exotic, even quirky? Is it aimed at college level viewers, women, students or a more youthful crowd? These questions can help you in selecting a more targeted series of video sharing websites on which to upload your precious video clips.

*Please Note: For updated video sharing website ratings you can check the site at: This site contains a far more extensive list of up to one hundred eighty or more websites with rankings but without any commentary on site relevance, quality or content. The site is not updated to exclude out-of-date links either.