Create Your Own Movie or Digital Video Project with Software Already on Your Computer

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Create Your Own Movie - Today!

If you have any thoughts of learning to make digital movies, don’t think twice. Jump in and start playing with the movie making software that came with your computer. If you’re using Windows XP or Vista as I do, you already have Movie Maker. If you’re using a Mac, you have iMovie. Not being a Mac user, some of my comments may not align with them.

Video projects can be made from all sorts of digital images and sounds. You don’t need a camcorder. You don’t need your own content to start learning. Round up some files to start your learning sessions.

Start with Images

Search your hard drive for pictures… bmp files work the best. Some users have issues with .jpg files but I don’t and they should work too. There are hundreds of bmp files on a new computer and any of them can be used to practice making a movie project.

Now Add Sound

Search your hard drive for music and sound effect files… they end with .wma or .wav file extensions. Any of them should work fine in Movie Maker. The Pinball game has lots of neat sound effect files.

Finally Video

Do another search for video clips. Again, there are samples that came with the computer. Seek out those that end with .wmv file extensions… a Mac might have .mov files.

And Get Started…

Import some into your movie making software. Drag and drop using your file manager, or drill down via your menu to File > Import. Once into the movie making app, add them to a project and start the experiential learning. When you get stuck on something, you might thrash around trying things with your mouse to see when happens. This is just for learning, so you can’t hurt anything. 

Maybe you learn better by reading the help file or a book. If you’re a guy and don’t mind asking others for directions, seek forums and newsgroups. Better yet, use the forum and discussion features of this Bright Hub site.for help.

That’s enough to get started. It puts you a day ahead of those who intend to start exploring the world of digital video editing ‘tomorrow’. It’s never too early nor too late to get going. Tomorrow you can turn around and start helping other newbies.