Film Distribution Tips: Project Ideas for Broadcast Distribution

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At this moment, global broadcast markets are thriving. If thinking of cashing in on this opportunity, you will need to know exactly what networks are looking for. You may have something created already and are wondering if it is right for broadcast distribution or you are just looking for ideas on what to create. Either way, this article will point you in the right direction.

The first rule of selling something in the entertainment industry—whether it is film, music or literature—is to know what the people in charge are looking for. There isn’t any substitute for good research. Don’t blindly send in items that will just end up in the recycling pile. Do your homework and make informed decisions when it comes to distribution. Knowledge is power and the absence of it only makes you look like a novice.

Hot Items in Broadcast Distribution

Think Green. With all the talk of global warming and saving the planet, “Green” programming is really in demand. Networks are developing their own “Green” program segments and are looking for valuable programming to take up some slots.

Web programming is HOT. Even popular television shows have what is now called “webisodes”. The online viewership of Gossip Girl has changed the way Nielsen is determining ratings for show so that provisions for online content is made. Times are changing and the online entertainment industry is booming. Networks are looking for programming to cash in on the new online audience.

Anime is the new king of children’s programming. Japanese animations is where it’s at if producing content for a younger audience.

Short films are being produced for Mobile TV. Sprint’s Mobile TV was just the beginning of a new exciting market for filmmakers and producers. Think of this when searching for a network for a broadcast distribution deal. Think outside the box; it might just very well pay off for you.

Take an idea and multiply it. One idea for a reality show can be saturated to multiple markets and be highly successful in all of them. Think of America’s Next Top Model and American Idol; different versions of these top reality shows are being reproduced in many different countries and languages. Think of ideas for reality shows that can be adapted into other countries and cultures.

These are just some of the ideas you can use when thinking of programming for broadcast distribution. Continue to look around and research what each network is looking for. Eventually, it will pay off for you if you can produce the type of quality shows that networks are looking for.

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