The Ultimate Guide on How to Film Just About Anything

The Ultimate Guide on How to Film Just About Anything
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Filmmaking can be one of the most rewarding and exciting endeavors a creative person can undertake. Whether it is with the intent of making a movie, a music video, television commercial or just shooting the family vacation, video opens up the possibility where anything can happen. Learning the ins and outs of various forms of filmmaking can be tedious but not impossible.

From books to read about the art form to ideas about what to shoot to tutorials of how to approach and conquer various projects, we have you covered. Learn the tips and tricks to make your next project a work of art and develop your skills to become a professional filmmaker

Preparation to Filmmaking

One of the most important things to do before you ever start trying to attempt film as a serious project is to learn and study the history behind the medium. This is easier than you think, with books and movies available to help teach you all you need to know about the techniques of filmmaking. These books and documentaries are also invaluable when it comes to teaching an aspiring filmmaker the difficulties behind trying to attempt a career in film and helps to motivate by understanding that they are not alone.

Outside of books and movies, there are also workshops and plenty of people to be looked to for advice and help with filmmaking projects. Whether it is tips or training needed, there is a plethora of information available for filmmaking needs. Once prepared for the task at hand by learning from the best, it is time to finally decide if this is the career choice worth undertaking.

Specific Video Projects

Camille Harp ‘Elvis’

Once you are ready to get started on filming, there are many different projects you can work on in the field. Many people see filmmaking and the tasks of creating movies or short films as the main aspect of filmmaking but there are many other things to do when learning how to film.

Many people take the knowledge they acquire when they start filming and turn it to more personal endeavors, such capturing personal memories that last a lifetime. Many people also use the knowledge to begin a career with the technological expertise they learn from the medium. Whether you want to make movies, shoot music videos, make a documentary or just use the knowledge for your own personal use, there are many tips and tricks available to help you get started.

Documentary Filmmaking

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One of the forms of filmmaking that almost any beginning filmmaker can undertake is documentary filmmaking. The nuances of framing, casting, costuming and rehearsals are not necessary for this type of filmmaking project. Instead, a documentary filmmaker only needs a good idea, a decision on what point he or she is trying to get across and a camera to head out and shoot the subject.

However, problems come when trying to get people to allow you to shoot them for your documentary. There have been many cases where a documentary makes specific people look bad and, the more that happens, the harder it is for documentary filmmakers to receive access for their subjects. From choosing your subject to shooting your movie, these articles lead you through all the steps for making your documentary and specifically touches on guerrilla tactics to get the footage you need even when people try to hold you back.

Tutorials on Filming

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Once you have decided what you want to focus on in your filmmaking career, it is time to learn the tricks of the trade. There are many things an aspiring filmmaker can accomplish but it takes practice and, oftentimes, someone to show you the best way to attack your project. It is only after you learn the best ways to go about a difficult shoot that you can achieve greatness as a filmmaker.

While learning on the job remains the best way to improve your skills behind the camera, there are many pitfalls you can avoid by listening to the experts. Many people have set out to reach the same goals you set for yourself and, by avoiding the problems they faced, your learning curve will become less steep. These tips and tricks will aid you in your entry into filmmaking and make the journey even better.

Tutorials on Outdoor Shooting

Shooting outdoor footage comes with a lot of problems and pitfalls. Between the sun, clouds, wind and continuously changing weather conditions, one shot will often differ drastically from the next shot. There are many tips for preparation as well as dangers to try to avoid when shooting the scenes themselves. Heading outdoors give you plenty of light but can be one of the hardest jobs for a filmmaker.

From lighting the scenes outdoors to produce more even lighting to using daylight for your shots, there are plenty of options for brightening your scene. There also many tutorials for shooting in low-light conditions as well, whether it is a cloudy day or shooting at night. There are also many tutorials for working with rain, water, landscapes and other outdoor destinations.

Getting started as a filmmaker, whether the goal is to shoot movies or your son’s birthday party, is an exciting opportunity. There have been many success stories when learning how to film but there have also been many horror tales. With the right direction and the understanding of what does and does not work in the medium, it will help weigh the scales in the favor of a successful endeavor. Once you learn the tricks of the craft, you can be out there making your own videos in no time.


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