Writing a Film Investment Business Plan that will Attract Stakeholders

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Writing the Proposal

It may be best to look at the film investment business plan as a film proposal to impress prospective investors with your project. Start with a basic outline before writing the business plan. The document should be at least four or five pages long. You can add more if necessary. Your outline gives the basic points, and the business plan expands on those points. Investors will not only make a major investment in your project but they will make a major investment in you, so your proposal must be attention grabbing, insightful and intelligent. Give investors a reason to invest in your project. Ask yourself these questions when writing the film proposal:

  • Is your film project unique?
  • Does it deserve the investment that you are requesting?
  • Why is your project better than the others are?

Include the answers to those questions in your plan. Keep in mind that you are essentially asking individuals for significant amounts of money. Your business plan should prove that your project deserves the investment.

Who, What, When and Why?

When writing your business plan, include the basics: who, what, when and why. Explain the project, including the working title, the subject of the film, the names of the director as well as producers and crewmembers you already have behind the project. Include your shooting schedule within the document, if you already have that in order. This information will usually be placed within the executive summary. The executive summary will be first thing that the investor will see when reading the business plan.

Your document should also include your biography and the biographies of anyone involved in the project. The biographies will give investors a picture of everyone working on the project and whether or not you are initially prepared. These can go under the executive summary in the business plan.

Distribution and Financing

The business plan should include your method of distribution. When you complete the film, you will need to distribute it through various venues such as theaters and online outlets. If you already have a plan for distribution, including it is very important. If you do not have a plan for distribution yet, indicate in the plan that you are currently in the planning stages. Investors must know that you have a strategy for show the project once you finish shooting.

Under the distribution category, discuss financing. Indicate how much you will need to complete and distribute the film. Include a breakdown of the budget and indicate the funds you already have. You should also include a breakdown of how you will use the investor’s contribution. Including a breakdown will give the investor a clear idea on how their money will be spent and it would hopefully convince them to be an investor in your project.