Marketing Video Production: A Look at Internal & External Marketing Video Types

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Video production does not always refer to the creation of a video product, but often used as part of internal communication or marketing strategy. Marketing video production really means the creation of videos that can be used as part of marketing plans or in the development of those plans. Those two purposes do often produce different video types, but work in tandem as part of the same business plan that is intended to draw out an understanding of the consumer and how to target them with advertising, communication, and product development. Here is a look at how to use video production as part of your marketing plan.

Internal Marketing Videos

In general, the marketing department of a company will often help present research and development on how to target the key customer demographics. The marketing department then needs to facilitate communication and directives to the other departments or clients to interpret and execute. In this framework, the marketing of video production would then act as a method from which the communication plan happens between the different sectors of an organization, business, or corporation. The producer and production company is then hired to produce under the directive of the marketing company, or is already a division of it or of the larger blanket corporation.

When developing a marketing video in this framework you hope to present your research and business plans in a way that will be well taken by your audience, which is your client or other areas of the same company. This really takes its purpose and format as an evolution of the traditional marketing presentation where the findings, ideas, and directives are presented in a way that can be easily understood and accepted by those that are not as familiar with the marketing process. What is different about producing a marketing video from the more traditional presentations is that it is often done to sell clients on a specific marketing firm, consultant, or service. In general, television and film production companies will be best sold with a presentation that reflects their own form. In a reverse sense, a marketing video may be used to entice advertisers to a television network or investors to an independent film project.

The specifics of this type of professional video production depends on the needs of it, but the nature of it is to stay internal when it is in this format. The company that does produce this type of product will likely find that it is different than other types of professional video production in that they may be asked to sign confidentiality agreements and the general public may not have access to it.

External Marketing Videos

Another implementation of the term ‘marketing video production’ refers to videos produced as part of the marketing plan meant to target customers, audiences, or social groups. The most common form of this would be advertising commercial productions, which are part of the marketing plan but developed separately and may be from separate companies altogether. The specifics of what will be in the advertising commercial productions will be directed by the marketing plan and likely the most direct implementations of this plan.

On a longer format, the marketing video may stray away from the more conventional advertising commercial productions and are then targeted at groups that will need more direct information to be persuaded. This may end up taking a closer form to the internal marketing videos, such as extended product videos, corporate communications, financial report videos, and other, yet these stray from internal videos in that they are meant to really persuade purchasing habits rather than those actually directly involved with a company.


Source: author’s own experience.

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